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King's College School Overview & Information

King’s College School, located in Wimbledon, London, is an esteemed independent day school for boys aged 7 to 18. Established in 1829, the school has a rich history of academic excellence and is renowned for providing a well-rounded education. With its strong focus on holistic development, King’s College School fosters an environment where students are encouraged to excel academically while also exploring a wide range of extracurricular activities.

The school’s ethos emphasises intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and personal growth, preparing students for successful futures both in higher education and beyond. Known for its vibrant community, the school values diversity and inclusivity, creating a nurturing space for all students. King’s College School’s commitment to high educational standards and comprehensive development makes it one of the leading schools in the UK.

King's College School 11+ Test Format

The 11+ entrance examination at King’s College School is a key stage in the admissions process for Year 7 entry. Scheduled in December for boys in Year 6, the exam comprises three parts:

  • English Examination: This paper assesses comprehension and creative writing skills. The comprehension component involves analysing a given text, focusing on understanding and interpretation, while the creative writing section tests the ability to express ideas imaginatively and coherently. Specimens of the English exam are made available on the school’s website for reference.
  • Mathematics Examination: The Maths paper evaluates problem-solving abilities and understanding of mathematical concepts. It covers various topics from the Key Stage 2 curriculum, challenging students to apply their knowledge in different contexts. Like the English exam, specimen papers for Mathematics are also provided by the school.
  • Verbal Reasoning Examination: This section assesses cognitive abilities and logical thinking using words. Though the school does not provide sample papers for this section, they are readily available from booksellers.

The examination process is conducted in line with the Equality Act 2010, offering exam concessions for candidates with specific needs. Additionally, overseas candidates have the option to sit the written tests at their local British Council. This inclusive approach ensures that all applicants have a fair opportunity to showcase their abilities.

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King's College School 11+ Past Papers and Answers

Maths Sample Paper 1

Maths Sample Paper 2

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King's College School Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

The 11+ exams at King’s College School encompass three key areas: English, Mathematics, and Verbal Reasoning, each requiring focused and strategic preparation.

In English, the comprehension component demands regular reading and analysis of various texts to develop strong interpretive skills. This practice should include exploring different themes, characters, and narrative techniques, enhancing the ability to understand and critically evaluate texts. The creative writing section calls for consistent writing practice, where students should focus on constructing narratives with clear structures, using a rich vocabulary, and adhering to correct grammar and punctuation rules. Developing a versatile writing style and the ability to express ideas creatively is also essential.

For Mathematics, mastering the Key Stage 2 curriculum is crucial. This includes having a firm grasp of arithmetic, geometry, and basic algebra. Problem-solving exercises that challenge analytical skills and apply mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios are particularly beneficial. Practising various question types, especially under timed conditions, can help improve both accuracy and speed.

Verbal Reasoning requires a strong vocabulary and the ability to think logically with words. Engaging in vocabulary-building activities and practising with specific verbal reasoning exercises can enhance these skills, improving the ability to solve problems efficiently.

General preparation for the 11+ exams should involve a well-structured study routine, with an emphasis on understanding and improving weaker areas. Regular practice tests under exam-like conditions are vital for building confidence and resilience. Balancing academic preparation with leisure and extracurricular activities is important for maintaining overall well-being and ensuring a holistic approach to learning.

King's College School 11+ Success Rate

The 11+ entrance exam at King’s College School is competitive, designed to select students who exhibit strong academic capabilities. However, specific success rates are not publicly available.

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