Kansas City University of Medicine Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

The class of 2024 consists of 270 students, of whom 54% are male. The MCAT average was 506, and the cumulative GPA average 3.60. The acceptance rate to the university for Medicine overall is around 20%.

Interview Format

Kansas has recently begun using an MMI format, although on its website it describes its interview as consisting of a ‘variety of formats’ so you should thoroughly check any additional information that is provided by the school itself, as they may well also use an individual interview or group task. Interviews are conducted at either the Kansas city or Joplin campus. Staff have had extensive knowledge of the students’ files in the past and used them as the basis of discussion.

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Key Dates

The first major submission deadline is for the early decisions, which is on November 6th. Submissions for regular decisions are to be made by February 6th.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
Why do you want to practice osteopathic medicine?
Why medicine?
Tell me about your experiences shadowing.
What is it about KCUMB’s curriculum that you think will help you in rural medicine?
What was your favorite subject in college?
Why do you want to be a doctor?
What type of support system will you have during medical school?
Why KCU?
Why did you undertake this type of work experience as opposed to another kind?
How do you plan on integrating prevention techniques in underserved areas?
How were you introduced to osteopathy?
Why did you apply to allopathic programs if you are interested in osteopathy?
Explain your research and the roles you played while doing said research.
How has your previous career prepared you to be a doctor?
What worries you the most about starting medical school?
What do you think will be the hardest thing about medical school?
How did you prepare for your MCAT?
Pick an issue facing medicine, present the two opposing arguments, pick a side you agree with most and explain why.
What would you say is the biggest health care problem faced by Kansas City residents?
What community activities will you partake in when you are a doctor?
What class will you dislike the most?
Think of a medical advancement you’ve heard about or read about recently and explain why you were impressed by it.
What role does prevention play in medicine?
Describe what you have done since high school to prepare yourself for this career.

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Ethical Dilemmas
List three current ethical issues within the medical profession.
What would you tell the mother of a baby diagnosed as having neonatal abstinence syndrome?
Describe an ethical dilemma that you expect to encounter, and present both sides of the argument as if you were discussing it with a patient rather than a clinician or academic.
Name an ethical issue in health care and discuss.
How would you control health care costs?
Describe three bioethics controversies, pick one and discuss both sides, and then support your personal opinion.
Describe ethical issues you may encounter.
Choose one ethical dilemma and discuss BOTH sides of the issue, without inserting your own opinion.
Discuss the topic of physician assisted suicide.
Do you think it is ethical for parents to choose an embryo that is a match for one of their other children for the purpose of using that embryo/child’s bone marrow to treat the disease the older child has?

Communication Stations​
What three things are important to have when establishing a good relationship with your patients

Teamwork Tasks
Describe some of the challenges associated with a leadership position.
Tell us about some of your leadership roles.
What is a situation where you had to work with a group to accomplish a goal?

MMI Sales Pitch Station
What is one thing you would want us to tell the admissions committee about you?

General / Personal Statements
What was your worst subject in undergraduate school?
You are the last person on earth, what do you do?
What would you do if you fell behind in a class?
How many other schools have you applied to?
Why are you a good fit for KCUMB?
Explain a time when you experienced failure.
Tell me a little about yourself.
What makes you unique?
You seem to do so many extracurriculars on top of school work. How do you balance it all?

Kansas City University of Medicine Interview Questions

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