​Is The UCAT Multiple Choice?

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Yes, all the questions in the UCAT exam are multiple choice, although the number of options varies depending on the section:

This section has two main question types; the first requires candidates to choose between ‘true’, ’false’ or ‘can’t tell’ in response to questions or statements regarding passages; the second and more common type involves selecting the ‘Single Best Answer’ regarding a statement provided and information in the passage.

A proportion of the questions have 4 multiple choice options in response to the text, charts or graphs presented, whilst others allow the candidate to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a series of 5 statements

Candidates are required to choose the correct answer out of 5 multiple choice options

There are 4 types of question present, with candidates needing to choose a correct shape out of the 4 multiple choice options provided, or determine whether an example provided belongs in ‘Set A’, ‘Set B’ or ‘Neither’.

Candidates are given a series of clinical scenarios, and must choose the most ‘important’ or ‘appropriate’ response to each of these scenarios.

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