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My grandfather’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease propelled me towards studying medicine. Witnessing my mother take on the role of a carer and seeing the medical help he receives, solidified my desire to manage conditions such as his.

Due to my grandfather’s illness, dementia became a topic of scientific interest. After reading science journals, I wrote an article on Alzheimer’s disease, exploring the causes, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and potential treatments. In a climate of technological advancements leading to higher life expectancy, a higher proportion of people are affected by diseases associated with old age. Scientific curiosity led me to a week at a research institute, giving me an appreciation of the complex science behind medicine. CAR T-cell therapy was particularly interesting due to its use in personalised medicine. The fascinating research saved Layla Richards from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. This reiterated that medicine involves a holistic approach requiring input from multiple disciplines. After watching a TED talk, I was inspired to write an article about consciousness, covering the brain’s prediction engine and perceptions. I appreciated the demand for radical thought to spur further research. Observing a cervical smear at my GP work experience, prompted an article on ovarian cancer, exploring the diagnostic tests, surgery and chemotherapy. Writing these allowed me to explore my natural inquisitiveness in biomedical science, whilst strengthening my analytical skills.

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Volunteering at a care home and at Edgware Hospital for 6 months was an enriching experience, teaching me communication with those who have limited understanding of interactions. I also attended a week of work experience at a hospital, where I observed several consultations with an oncologist. Despite the difficulty of certain conversations, the consultant displayed the ability to broach the subject empathetically and act on beneficence. Work experience at two GP clinics highlighted the importance of primary care. Sitting in on a clinic, I grasped risk management strategies using the flu vaccine – the GP explained to patients the priority system for new jabs, in place for people with weakened immune systems.The clarity of dialogue between the GP and patient was paramount to ensure informed consent. These experiences emphasised how patient interaction can influence the reaction to diagnoses and treatments.

A coffee morning at the Neurological Centre at Edgware exposed me to a condition many residents suffered with: Multiple Sclerosis. A nurse’s talk helped me understand what patients are enduring as she gave advice to them on bowel incontinence. I gained insight into the value of the NHS and its workings through volunteering at Royal Free Hospital. Although small, my role in handling meals and talking to inpatients was rewarding as I felt a part of the team.

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Working at KUMON gave me the opportunity to teach children with autism. With time, I understood what methods were best for them. A particular source of motivation was found in creating a new study technique for a child who was prone to violent outbursts, by using colourful crayons and providing work in a specific order, contributing to a calmer attitude. This experience taught me the value of patience in bringing out the best in people.

My involvement in the Backpack Project for children in Malawi, exercised my leadership skills and was highly gratifying. As a Sixth form prefect, planning and conducting projects in a team has honed organisation skills. Achieving Grade 8 and subsequently teaching LAMDA was vital in developing my confidence and improvisation skills. Drama is a continued passion of mine that helps me relax, important in a high stress career.

My personal experiences have played a large part in making me more empathetic, resilient and curious. I believe I have the attributes to become a doctor who sees the challenges of medicine as motivation to succeed.


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Please note, this personal statement has been provided for reference purposes only and should not be utilised or replicated. Any attempts at plagiarism will be detected by the automated UCAS plagiarism checker and the dedicated UCAS verification team.

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