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This article specifically concerns IMAT Test Dates for 2024. You can find our complete guide to the test here, and our question bank here.

Introduction to IMAT 2024

The International Medical Admissions Test (IMAT) is a critical component in the journey of students aspiring to enter medical schools in Italy. For European Union (EU) students, the primary concern is to adhere to the registration deadline, while non-EU students face additional steps, such as pre-enrollment procedures. This guide outlines the IMAT 2024 test dates and the registration process, providing a structured approach for both EU and non-EU candidates.

IMAT Key Dates and Registration Period

The Ministry of University and Research (MUIR) typically releases the specifics of the IMAT, including the date, syllabus, and registration period, in April.

Registration for the IMAT is expected to open in early July and close by late July, with the registration window being open for approximately three weeks. During this period, the steps for registering are identical for both EU and non-EU students.

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Creating an Universitaly Account

The first step in the registration process is to create an account on the official Universitaly website.The ministry will announce the IMAT registration date, and candidates must register through their Universitaly account and pay the registration fee online. It is critical to choose the preferred test centre carefully; for those wishing to take the exam in Italy, it must be in their first-choice location.

Confirmation and Documentation

Upon successful registration, candidates will receive two essential emails. The first confirms the creation of the Universitaly account, sent to the email address used for account setup. The second email confirms payment and acceptance of the order placed with Cambridge English Language Assessment, sent to the credit card holder’s email address. Both emails contain vital information and must be printed and brought to the test centre on the exam day.

Preparing Necessary Documents

The embassy or consulate will guide non-EU students on the necessary documents and papers to prepare, which vary from country to country. However, some documents are commonly required:

  • Declaration of Value (DoV): A certificate proving the candidate’s completion of 12 years of education and eligibility to apply to an Italian university.
  • Form A: This form must be filled out with the candidate’s first-choice university and signed.
  • Photographs: Recent pictures of the candidate.
  • Copy of Passport: A valid passport copy is essential for identification purposes.

It is important to note that while universities do not require English or Italian language proficiency tests for the IMAT, a consulate may require them for the student visa.

Therefore, it is advisable to confirm with the consulate.

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IMAT Registration Guide for EU Students

EU students, including residents and citizens of EECA countries and non-EU citizens residing in the EU, must follow the designated registration process. The timeline for registration typically spans only three weeks in July, underscoring the importance of being prepared and acting promptly.

IMAT Preparation 2024

Preparing effectively for the IMAT, especially Section 1, demands an early start and a strategic approach. Familiarity with the question types is essential, and this is best achieved by engaging with past papers and study guides months in advance. A reflective and honest assessment of your skills will inform a realistic preparation schedule. Initially, focus on understanding the different types of questions without the pressure of time. As the exam approaches, incorporate timed practice, particularly for logical thinking questions, which may include lengthy and complex paragraphs.

It’s also beneficial to explore other exams that emphasise critical thinking and problem-solving, such as the BMAT and TSA. These can provide valuable practice and insight into the IMAT’s style of questioning. For General Knowledge, a broad and early-starting study regime is key, blending world history and cultural studies, with a focus on Italy. Use an IMAT-specific general knowledge question bank to reinforce learning.

For Sections 2, 3, and 4, covering Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Physics, a minimum six-week preparation period is recommended, although this may vary depending on your academic background. Refer to the IMAT specification and practice with past papers to tailor your study plan. BMAT Section 2 materials and the NSAA are useful resources due to their similar content levels.


The IMAT is a gateway for students aiming to pursue medical studies in Italy. With the test dates set for 2024, it is crucial for candidates to be well-prepared, stay informed about the registration timeline, and complete the necessary documentation in a timely manner. EU and non-EU students alike should plan their application process according to the official timelines, ensuring they meet all requirements for a successful registration and eventual admission.

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