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Wondering how much the IMAT costs, or how the exam is marked? We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions about this admissions test and answered them for you here.

How much does the IMAT cost?

The price of the IMAT will depend on where you’re applying from. Slightly unfairly for candidates from the US, the price is $160, whereas for those from the EU the price is only 130 euros. For students from the UK, the price is £114. You’ll need to keep the payment receipt email as you’ll have to show it to the assessors when you go to sit the exam itself.

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What are the key dates for the IMAT?

Although the key dates each year will move slightly, the process and rough dates will remain the same from year to year. You will be expected to register in July, with registration generally opening in the first week of the month, and then closing in the third or fourth week of the month. Note that it will close at least a week before the end of the month. You should register as soon as you can – there’s no point putting the process off.

After you’ve registered, the next key date is the test itself. In general, you should expect the test to take place in the second week of September. That means that the period from registering for the test at the start of July to taking the test in September is a good rough guide to how long you ought to revise for – although make sure you familiarise yourself with the content beforehand to some extent.

Where will I take the IMAT?

This will depend on which country you’re applying from. However, there are now more than 20 countries offering the test, which are as follows:

Azerbaijan: Baku
Brazil: São Paulo
Canada: Toronto
Cyprus: Nicosia
China: Beijing
France: Paris
Germany: Hamburg
Germany: Munich
Switzerland: Zurich
Spain: Madrid
Greece: Athens
Hong Kong
India: New Delhi
Israel: Tel Aviv
Pakistan: Lahore
Poland: Warsaw
Turkey: Istanbul
Saudi Arabia: Jeddah
South Africa: Johannesburg
UAE: Dubai
UK: London
USA: New York

Additionally, students in Italy can sit the test at their first choice university. The complete list of universities in Italy is as follows:
University of Bari
University of Bologna
University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’
University of Messina
University of Milan
University of Milan-Bicocca
University of Naples Federico
University of Padova
University of Parma
University of Pavia
University of Rome ‘Sapienza’
University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’
University of Siena
University of Turin

More information on the specifics of the test centre locations can be found through Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. You will be given more information in the lead-up to the test itself.

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How is the Exam Marked?

The IMAT employs negative marking, which means that guesswork is discouraged. Each correct answer given will result in a score of +1.5 points. However, each incorrect answer results in a score of –0.4 points. An unanswered question receives 0 points. If you were to answer the entire paper correctly, you’d therefore receive 90 points. In general, a good score is seen as 45 marks or higher – which requires answering substantially more than half of the questions correctly (as you will no doubt have answered some incorrectly as well). If you want to learn more about the IMAT marking and ranking see our articles on the IMAT as well as our Complete Guide to the IMAT.

What is IMAT Test Day Like?

You’ll need to remember your photographic ID as well as two confirmation emails that show that you registered. Additionally, you’ll need a black biro if you‘re sitting the exam outside of Italy. You must not bring any electronic devices into the test room, and you must also not bring a calculator. For more information on the test day itself, see our dedicated guide on what you need to know about the IMAT test day – which includes exactly what you need and what you can’t bring, as well as the structure of the day. In particular, it’s worth remembering that you may be kept behind for some time after the test finishes – this is to prevent answers being shared if students elsewhere are having to sit the exam at a different time.
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