How Universities use the UKCAT

Advice & Insight From UCAT Specialists

 Understanding how each university uses the UKCAT in their admissions process is invaluable in making effective university choices. We have compiled essential information from university admissions officers and published information, in order to help you make a more informed and successful Medicine Application.

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University of Aberdeen​

  • The UKCAT is used alongside actual and predicted grades as part of interview selection process.
  • Minimum UKCAT Score cut-off not used.
  • Minimal emphasis on Situational Judgement Score; primarily used in borderline cases.

University of Birmingham

In considering applications, University of Birmingham uses a 45% academic, 35% UCAT and 20% contextual weighting

  • ​Total UKCAT scores of applicants are sorted into deciles and scored (ie. top decile scorers receives the most points = 3.0)
  • Situational Judgement Test scores are only used following interview in borderline cases (ie. If your interview score is within 5% of the cut-off score)

University of Bristol

For 2022 entry, the final UCAT threshold score to be invited to interview was 2870 for home applicants and 2910 for overseas applicants. The UCAT has 100% weighting placed on it if you have secured the minimum academic entry requirements.

The University of Buckingham

  • The UKCAT is not presently required, although this is being considered for future application cycles.

Cardiff University

  • No UKCAT cut-off is used, and the UKCAT may be used as part of the assessment procedure.

University of Dundee

There is no specific cutoff. The average UCAT of those given an interview in 2018/9 = 2645, and 2019/0 = 2469

University of East Anglia

The average score of those given an interview was 2552 for UK/EU applicants and 2596 for international applicants. There is no set cut-off score used.

The University of Edinburgh

Anyone who scores Band 4 in the SJT will not be considered for entry. When the university has received all scores it will divide the cohort into deciles and award a score for each decile, as well as a score for your SJT banding. These points are added to the academic score to create the final ranking for shortlisting.

University of Exeter

UCAT scores will be used to separate the cohort into deciles. Each decile will be given a score that is added to the academic achievement score. Weighting is 25% UCAT and 75% Academic achievement.

University of Glasgow

Applicants below the national average UCAT total score are unlikely to be considered further. Applicants are ranked by their total UCAT score assuming that they have achieved the minimum academic entry requirements.


The Hull York Medical School

Points are awarded based on the total UCAT score. The UCAT can be awarded up to 40 points, plus 15 for the SJT. This is out of a total of 100.

Keele University

Keele does not use the UCAT to rank applicants but does impose a threshold score. Those with less than 2280 total score, or anyone with an SJT band 4, will not be considered. 

King's College London

King’s College has no set cutoff score and will use the UCAT along with the rest of your application. The average UCAT of successful candidates is 2959.

University of Leicester

UCAT will form 50% of the pre-interview scoring system.

Applicants with band 4 in the Situational Judgement Test will be automatically rejected pre-interview.

Applicants with a total score in the bottom two deciles of that year’s results will typically be rejected as they will not score sufficient to get to interview, (for 2021/2 entry this would have been less than or equal to a total UCAT score of 2370).


University of Liverpool

You need to score band 1-3 in the situational judgement test for your application to be processed and the overall score is then used in the ranking. International/EU applicants can offer any of the 4 SJT bands. UCAT cut off scores will vary from year to year. For UK applicants a competitive score in the 2018-19 admissions cycle was 2420; the score in 2019-20 was 2400.

The University of Manchester

Manchester imposes a threshold score, which is generally between 2600-2650. If you achieve the threshold score, you will automatically be invited to interview. You must also have Band 1 or 2 in the SJT.

Newcastle University

Newcastle uses a threshold score based on the four cognitive domains of the UCAT. In 2020 this was 2730 for the A100 course and in 2019 it was 2720.

The University of Nottingham

The university uses the UCAT in its ranking. You can be awarded up to 60 points for the cognitive section, which is 12 points for each section – with double being awarded for the verbal reasoning part. If you score Band 4 you will not be invited for interview. UCAT scores are added to GCSE scores to provide the final ranking.

Peninsula Medical School

Plymouth imposes a cut-off score that is used to sort applicants. UCAT results are then added to academic scores to provide a final ranking.

Queen Mary University of London

Applicants will be ranked according to a 50:50 weighting applied to the UCAT score and academic ability compared to other applicants who apply in that same year. You will not be offered an interview if you obtained a total UCAT score below the third decile.

Queen's University Belfast

The university uses the UCAT and the UCAS Tariff scores of undergraduate candidates in a 50/50 weighting. The lowest UCAT score for School Leavers that received offers for interview was 2300.

The University of Sheffield

In addition to the academic requirements, all applicants must have achieved a minimum score to be given further consideration. Currently this score is 2430/3600, calculated by looking at the 40th centile scores over the past three years. You will be ranked according to your UCAT score if you exceed the cutoff, and invited to interview based on that ranking. In order to get an interview invite, you would need a score of 2780 in 2021-2022, or 2740 in 2020-2021.

University of Southampton

Southampton imposes a UCAT cutoff score, which was 2680 in 2021. The university ranks according to UCAT when deciding who will be invited to interview.

University of St Andrews

The top 400 applicants by UCAT score are invited to interview. The lowest score that could see an applicant invited to interview has generally been around 2400 in the past few years. 

St Georges University of London

  • KCAT used alongside academic criteria to rank students for interview and to rank post-interview waiting list
  • UKCAT individual section minimum score: 500 or above
  • UKCAT Overall cut-off 2021 was 2710.

The University of Warwick

The average score for those invited to interview in 2021 was 2870 and the lowest was 2670. In 2020 these scores were 2780 and 2600 respectively. Warwick Medical School places a particular emphasis on Verbal Reasoning score. The first round of selection identifies those with a verbal reasoning score at or above the mean for the cohort sitting the UKCAT in the year of application. Those scoring below the cohort mean are generally rejected at this stage. Those with scores above the cohort mean will then have points awarded for their total UKCAT score, with higher total UKCAT scores receiving higher points. For those applying for 2022 entry, the minimum verbal reasoning score was 570

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