How Universities use the BMAT


University of Oxford

​​The University of Oxford now uses a contextualised BMAT score when deciding who to invite to interview. In 2021, weightings were: section 1=40%, section 2=40%, and section 3=20%. In calculating the section 3 score, double weight was ascribed to the ‘Quality of content’ score and single weight given to the ‘Quality of English’ score. For those shortlisted the mean adjusted BMAT score was 65.8% (68% in 2020). Information that related to special considerations – e.g. those who had technical issues during the test – was considered during the process and additional students were added to the shortlist.

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University of Cambridge

​In contrast to the University of Oxford who have a centralised Medicine Application process, the University of Cambridge Medicine application process is dictated by the individual college. With Cambridge interviewing approximately 90% of Medicine applicants, the importance of the BMAT is generally later in the application process with BMAT scores used alongside interview score, GCSE score, personal statement and reference scores as well as predicted grades in deciding which candidates are suitable for Medicine offers. Students who achieve higher BMAT results are more likely to be invited for interview but there isn’t a pass mark for the BMAT at Cambridge. It would be beneficial to review the website and contact the Admissions Office of specific colleges that you are interested in, in order to obtain more college specific weightings and guidance.

Imperial College London

​​Imperial College London is one of the few universities to operate a strict ‘cut-off’ for each section of the BMAT examination, whereby applicants are required to score above the absolute minimum for each individual section in order to be considered for interview. As it stands, the mot recent cut-off scores were 3.5 for Section 1 and Section 2, with the sum score being at least 10.9 for these two sections, and a minimum of 2.5C in Section 3.

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University College London (UCL)

​UCL do not ‘use the BMAT information in isolation or use a cut off score for inviting to interview.’ Applicants are assessed on their predicted grades, a review of the content of the personal statement and their reference recommendations. However, considering average BMAT scores we see that the applicant cohort as a whole scored on average 4.8, 4.8, 3.1A, and that those who interviewed received 5.7, 5.8, 3.4A in 2021​.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS)

​BSMS score the BMAT out of 37 (9 marks for Section 1, 18 marks for Section 2 and 5 marks for each element of Section 3). They then rank all applicants according to their total score out of 37, and fill interview places from the top. 

There is also a strict cutoff as follows:

  • Section one: a score of at least 3 or higher
  • Section two: a score of at least 6 or higher
  • Section three: a score of at least 2.5 C or higher 

The interview cut-off score in 2021 was 17.8, in 2020 it was 14.7, and in 2019 it was 16.1.

University of Leeds

  • The BMAT replaced the UKCAT in the University of Leeds application process in 2014. 
  • The University of Leeds do not operate a strict BMAT cut-off.
  • The university outlines that ‘scores will be considered alongside the rest of the application’ so do not expect to be ranked strictly by BMAT score.

Lancaster University

  • Lancaster University first introduced the BMAT to their application process in 2016.

Lancaster ranks all applicants according to their BMAT score and invites top-ranking applicants to interview.

The most recent scores published are:

Keele University

  • International applicants hoping to study Medicine at Keele University are required to take the BMAT examination
  • Applicants are ranked according to BMAT scores and the highest ranked are invited to interview. 
  • For 2021 entry the university interviewed 46 international students for 10 places.

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

​The BMAT examination is used alongside academic qualifications, personal statement, non-academic achievements and interview score in assessing applicants’ suitability for offer.

University of Malaya

BMAT (UMalaya) takes place once a year in February. Registration is through the University of Malaya website, with the test taken in English and using the same format as the conventional BMAT examination.

BMAT scores are used alongside other application factors in assessing candidates’ suitability to study Medicine at the University of Malaya.

University of Navarra

  • Applicants can choose to sit the BMAT examination in February or November of the year of their application.
  • International applicants are required to sit either the BMAT examination or UNAV. National applicants are not required to sit the BMAT examinations
  • International applications will be assessed using a 70:30 weighting of BMAT/UNAV Score: Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • All candidates will also be interviewed as part of the admissions process.

Mahidol University

  • Medicine applicants to Mahidol University are required to take the BMAT examination.
  • The BMAT is used alongside academic credentials to assess applicants.
  • Further details can be found on the Mahidol University website.

​Thammasat University (Chulabhorn International College of Medicine)

  • Medicine and Dentistry applicants to Thammasat University are required to take the BMAT examination.
  • The BMAT is used alongside academic credentials to assess applicants.
  • Further details can be found on the Thammasat University website.

University of Melbourne

  • International Dentistry applicants are required to take the BMAT examination.
  • The BMAT examination will be used in equal weighting with an applicant’s Grade Point Average (GPA) in allocating offers.

How Universities use the BMAT

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