How To Score 100% In The GP Stage 3 Selection Centre

Advice & Insight From GP Stage 3 Specialists

You’re nearly there…….the GP Stage 3 Selection Centre is the final (and arguably most important) hurdle in securing a GP Training position in your preferred location.

I have compiled 5 Key GP Stage 3 Selection Centre Tips that helped me to score 52/52 (100%) in the GP Stage 3 Selection Centre.

Prepare Your Preparation

The average timeframe between receiving a GP Stage 3 Selection Centre invitation and the GP Stage 3 Selection Centre is a mere 12 days. Considering most candidates would have spent a minimum of 1 month preparing for GP Stage 2, and 3+ months preparing for most medical school examinations, 12 days is hardly sufficient for this vitally important assessment.

The very best candidates start preparing for GP Stage 3 before Selection Centre invitations are dispatched. I would recommend taking a one week break after completing GP Stage 2 (MSRA), and thereafter commence GP Stage 3 Preparation.


The GP Stage 3 Selection Centre is a time pressured assessment, where every minute counts. Below are a couple of key techniques that helped me to save valuable time:

Candidate Instructions
The ‘Candidate Context’ is almost always the same for all Simulation Exercises, with the exception of the consultation setting and type (Patient/Relative/Healthcare Professional). Focus on this key information only and save yourself thirty seconds/Simulation Exercise

​Written Prioritisation Exercises Reflection
The reflection questions are almost identical every year. As such, I would recommend preparing pre-rehearsed reflection answers which can be applied to the specific scenarios (or if you attend a GP Stage 3 Selection Centre Course, these will be provided to you).

For additional time efficient techniques, register for a BlackStone Tutors GP Stage 3 Course.

Exam Specific Practice

Don’t be tempted (like the majority of my friends) to practice without time pressure, in the hope that as you practice more, you will become more time-efficient. From preparation day 1, I ensured that all preparation reflected the exam environment; this meant strict timed conditions, hand written on examination answer sheets (which are considerably more restrictive than an A4 Pukka Pad!) and using Past Simulation & Written Prioritisation Exercises.

Optimise Your GP Stage 3 Performance

Learn the best GP Stage 3 strategies and practice with reflective GP Stage 3 scenarios.

Know What You're Being Assessed On

Knowing and most importantly understanding the GP Stage 3 Mark Scheme Domains is essential in order to succeed in the GP Stage 3 Selection Centre. These key domains can be found here, and candidates attending a BlackStone Tutors GP Stage 3 Course will learn exactly how to apply each of these four core domains in Simulation Exercises and the Written Prioritisation Exercise.

Every Mark Matters

The GP Stage 3 Selection Centre can be a challenging day, especially if you like to dwell on previous exercises and scenarios. With four distinct exercises (3 Simulation Exercises and 1 Written Prioritisation Exercise), you essentially have four opportunities to impress. Each examiner will have no idea about your performance on previous stations, so make the most of the (comparatively generous) 5 minutes between each Simulation Exercise to solely focus on the next Simulation Exercise, and put any thoughts regarding the last exercise to one side. Outside each Simulation Exercise, it will make clear who the consultation is with allowing you to adjust your mindset and consultation style accordingly.

If you’re attending a BlackStone Tutors GP Stage 3 Course, you’ll learn exactly what is required, expected and how to excel in each of the distinct 3 Simulation Exercises.

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How To Score 100% In The GP Stage 3 Selection Centre

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