How To Improve BMAT Section 1?​

Advice & Insight From BMAT Specialists

​The most effective way to improve your score in Section 1 of the BMAT is through doing practice questions and papers; this allows you to get used to the style and types of question. To ensure maximum efficiency, it is recommended to do practice questions and papers in the time limit given (60 minutes); this leaves just under two minutes per question, which can be difficult to achieve when first attempting these question types. 

Understanding Arguments/Critical Thinking

  1. When identifying what information could strengthen or weaken the argument given, think about what statement could make the argument more or less believable from an objective perspective
  2. An assumption is a statement that is not said explicitly in the text, but is needed for an argument to work. To see whether something is an assumption, think about if the argument would still be valid if it was false or incorrect. If the argument would not be valid, it is likely the statement is an assumption
  3. When reading the passage, try and summarise what it is trying to tell you; this is often reflected in the conclusion and intermediate conclusions. Also keep in mind that the conclusion of the passage may also not be explicitly stated in the text; it is often inferring something based on the information provided.
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Problem Solving

  1. Read each question carefully before attempting to answer, for example by highlighting key information that the question provides
  2. In questions that require spatial awareness, use the question paper to draw out diagrams to better understand what is being asked
  3. Whilst questions and answers vary from year to year, the types of problems, challenges and analytical techniques required from students remain very similar. Hence, past papers are vital in improving your BMAT Section 1 score.
  4. Time Efficient Techniques – Attend a BlackStone Tutors BMAT Course and we’ll teach you a range of time efficient BMAT Tips & techniques.
For all the questions in Section 1, it is important that you don’t spend too long on each question, due to the time constraints. Therefore, it is useful to skim through and prioritise the questions you are confident in, and then go back to the ones you have missed. However, it must also be stressed that all the questions should be answered, as there is no negative marking. 
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