​​How To Improve BMAT Score?

Advice & Insight From BMAT Specialists

Practice Makes Perfect

​The main way to improve your score in the BMAT is through practice. There are numerous past papers available, as well as a range of BMAT question books that provide additional practice opportunities. This is imperative as it allows you to get used to the time conditions and the style of questions given – for this reason, try to do the questions under strict exam conditions.

Focus On Areas Of Weakness

Rather than monotonously going through past papers, spend one to two hours reviewing your last five past papers and highlight topics where you are consistently losing marks. Using this information, check out our BMAT Subject Guide and focus your efforts for the rest of today on these topics exclusively. One hour of revision on an area of weakness will be far more fruitful than one hour of preparation on an area where you are already scoring in excess of 80%.

Section Specific Tips & Techniques

Each of the three BMAT Sections is unique and requires its own tailored approach; attend a BlackStone Tutors BMAT Course and we’ll share our full array of time efficient tips and techniques, however feel free to review the articles below for a sneak preview.

BMAT Section 1 Tips & Techniques
BMAT Section 2 Tips & Techniques
BMAT Section 3 Tips & Techniques

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