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Applying for the GPhC Exam is relatively straightforward, as the process is centralised through the GPhC site and is the culmination of your training year. However, you must first ensure that you qualify.

Do I qualify for the GPhC Exam?

In order to be considered for the registration assessment, you must have a ‘satisfactory’ 39 week progress report. If you haven’t been marked as satisfactory, you will likely have to delay and take the assessment later on instead. That means you must be ready for your 39 week review. This review features the same principles as previous reviews, so you ought to know how you will be judged and what you need to do to prepare. You will need good quality evidence and a suitably high level of performance. If you qualify, then you can proceed to the next stage. You’ll need to submit an application form.

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Next steps

You must submit the application form through your myGPhC account, and you must do so by the deadline given. This will be on the GPhC site. You’ll need to check where you can sit the assessment – there are a range of different test centres online, and you can find the entire list on the GPhC site. You ought to book your sitting in good time so that you are able to sit in a suitable location – ideally one close by! If you’re outside the UK, you cannot sit outside the UK – you must travel to the UK.

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An Example: The 2022 Process

Let’s look at the 2022 dates and requirements as an example of what you’ll need to and when by. If you were to sit the June 2022 assessment, you would need to have completed 39 weeks of training, with your 39 week progress report submitted and rated as satisfactory by the 11th of May – which would actually require a record being submitted by the 6th May. This means that if you are to reach 39 around this date, you need to discuss with your supervisor and shift your progress report forward. This is seen as a suitable option – so you could complete a 37 week progress report, for example. This should be checked with your tutor. Ensure that you plan this in advance with your tutor. After you’ve submitted, you’re ready to sit – you now just need to continue your preparation and ensure that you’re ready to pass the exam.

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