How much does the OET Cost?

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The OET test is, admittedly, quite expensive. You can sign up to sit it 24 times per year, once at the beginning of a month and once towards the end of a month. The first test of the month is generally available for all health professionals and the second test is available only to doctors and nurses.

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The test costs AU $587, which is approximately 320 GBP. The test is priced in Australian dollars due to it being designed by Tim McNamara, an Australian professor, in the late ‘80s. Spearheaded by the University of Melbourne’s Language Testing Research Centre, as well as Cambridge Assessment, the OET has gone through many changes since its inception. That includes the introduction of the OET@Home, and the option to take the OET on a computer in a test centre. However, both of these options cost the same as taking the OET on paper.

That means the OET on paper is the best option if you can find a test centre near you where you can take it, as this version is more widely accepted than the computer version.

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The OET is more expensive than IELTS, which costs US $230 (about 220 euros or 16,400 Indian Rupees). Bear in mind though that the OET should be seen as a simple or more efficient route to an English qualification for healthcare professionals, as it allows them to focus on the essentials and on areas that they are confident in – reducing the need for expensive resits that can be all-too commonplace with IELTS. Taking IELTS once, failing due to lacking vocabulary in areas outside your expertise, and then having to resit once, would result in a higher cost than one successful attempt at the OET.


The test price will vary somewhat from year to year. There is also some confusion over whether one can elect to pay in USD or whether one has to pay in AUD; the USD price is in fact only available to students who are sitting the test from a computer in the United States itself. All other students worldwide must pay the AUD price.

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