How Long Is The CASPer Test?

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The core CASPer test is between 100 – 120 minutes long, with two optional breaks during the test. Certain courses or institutions will require that you also complete Duet or Snapshot components, which will have an impact on the duration of your exam.


The core CASPer test consists of 15 scenarios. Of these, the first 9 are written prompts – you will have five minutes to answer 3 questions. You will be given either a video or a piece of text as a prompt. The second section features 6 prompts, which you must video record your answers to, using your webcam. You may take a break during the first section, and before the second section begins.

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Snapshot is a new tool from the CASPer team. It is a mini-interview, during which you are recorded the entire time. It consists of three questions, each of two minutes’ duration (i.e. you have two minutes in total to read the question and give your answer to it). You are able to practice before you sit the Snapshot part of the test, using the practice questions. Note that you will be recorded while you read the prompt. You should not expect the Snapshot to take more than 5-10 minutes at most – however, you can take a break between questions if you desire. BlackStone would advise not taking breaks between questions, as in an interview this short you are likely to perform better if you remain concentrated and on-course throughout.


The Duet component has no time limit. It is built to compare how your values compare with those of the institution that you are applying to. As of 2021, it is in use only by residency programs, as part of CASPer’s GME (Graduate Medical Education) Suite. You will compare 30 program characteristics in pairs, over three categories. CASPer implies that you ought to complete the test relatively fast, stating that you should use ‘gut instinct.’ We would advise against this approach, and caution instead that you are more likely to succeed if you approach the test slowly, and give great thought to which characteristics are likely to be most valued by the program. If you spend time on positioning yourself in a similar way to the program, you are likely to perform better than if you give rushed ‘honest’ answers.

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How Long Will my CASPer be?

This simply depends on which type of CASPer you have to sit – the vast majority will consist only of the basic CASPer, made up of 15 sections, and being therefore 100 – 120 minutes – depending on whether or not you choose to take a break halfway through.

If you are applying to residency programs, your CASPer could take anything from 2 hours to around 2 and a half, depending on how long you spend on the Duet component. We would not advise spending more than two and a half hours on the test, as at this point tiredness is likely to creep in and begin to result in decreasing rather than increasing perception and ability.

If you are applying to Medicine at college, your CASPer will normally consist only of the core set of 15 sections, although all schools will have access to your Snapshot recordings, and may choose to make use of this. You should therefore be aware of this and factor this into your time management when you are selecting a time to do the test.

Where & When Should I Sit the Test?

The duration of the test should not be a huge concern, as it can be sat at home. All you need is a fast internet connection and a PC with a working webcam. We therefore advise that you sit the test in a quiet and comfortable area of your home – you must be the only one onscreen throughout the examination. We also suggest that you sit the test towards the end of the summer holiday if possible, to give you adequate time to prepare.

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