How long is the CASPer test 2023-2024?

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The CASPer test previously took around 120 minutes, being made up of 15 different scenarios. However, slight changes to its structure have seen it reduced this year. In this article we will look at the current length of the CASPer test, as well as how the changes to its format have impacted its length.

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How long was the CASPer test previously?

In past years, the CASPer test was 120 minutes long. It consisted of a mixture of written response and video response scenarios, with the written response scenarios first, and the video response scenarios second. Each scenario – written or video – had three questions attached to it, and the total time (including two optional breaks) was therefore between 100-120 minutes, with each scenario taking 5 minutes and the breaks being 10 minutes and 5 minutes.

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How long is the new CASPer test from Acuity Insights?

The new CASPer test is very similar in format to the old iteration. You can find an overview of the format of the new CASPer elsewhere on our site, but as a brief summary you should be aware that there are only 14 scenarios in the new test, rather than 15 as there were before. Additionally, video response scenarios only have two questions each, rather than three as there were before. Each video response question gives you one minute in which to respond, after an initial ten seconds to read the question.

In total there are eight scenarios for the typed response section and six for video responses. Unlike previously, the video response section appears first, with the written responses afterwards.

With the two breaks – one of 10 minutes between the video and written sections, and one additional 5 minute break, the total test time would be as much as 110 minutes (roughly), or without the breaks as little as 90 minutes (roughly).

Remember that you should log in to your Acuitylnsights.app account approximately thirty minutes before your scheduled test time and ensure that your computer, webcam,

microphone and internet connection are all working appropriately for the test. Additionally, all applicants will need to complete the ‘Systems Requirements Scheck’, and this must be completed within the six hours before the CASPer test itself, in order to resolve any issues that could arise.

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