How Long Does The UCAT Last?

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Test Duration

The UCAT is a 2 hour long examination; once the test has been started, it cannot be paused or stopped. In each of the 5 sections, there is an initial 1 minute to read the instructions; the section can be started before the 1 minute mark if the candidate decides however this does not provide additional time to answer questions. Each section has the following time limits (excluding the 1 minute for reading):

Verbal Reasoning = 21 Minutes
Decision Making = 31 Minutes
Quantitative Reasoning = 24 Minutes
Abstract Reasoning = 13 Minutes
Situational Judgement = 26 Minutes

​Score Duration

The UCAT score lasts for one year; if the exam is taken this year, for example, it will be used for applications to next years entry to universities (or the following year if applying for deferred entry). If a year out is taken (i.e. a gap year) or a candidate is reapplying to the university the following year, the UCAT must be retaken, with the later score being used, unless deferred entry has been agreed.

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