How Is BMAT Scored?

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There are 3 sections in the BMAT. In Sections 1 and 2, each question is worth one mark (35 in Section 1 and 27 in Section 2) and the raw marks are converted to a score between 1 and 9, with 9 being the highest score. The average score is around 5.0, with excellent candidates scoring greater than 7.0. Section 3 comprises of an essay answering one of the 3 questions provided. It is scored on the quality of content (from 0-5) and the quality of written English (A, C or E, with A being the greatest); for example, the highest score would be 5A. Two examiners mark the essay, and if the two marks differ, a combined score is calculated. For example, if one of the scores given is 4C, and the other is 5A, the final score would be 4.5B. If there is a significant difference between the 2 marks given, a third examiner marks the essay, and the final grade is checked by a Senior Assessment Manager. 

Further information on BMAT Score Conversion can be found here 

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