How do I register for the TSA Test for Oxford?

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To take the test, you must first be registered as a candidate by an authorised test centre, as self-registration is not permitted. Typically, candidates take the test at a test centre authorised to administer Admissions Testing tests, which is often their own school or college. Confirm with your Exams Officer if your school or college is registered to administer our tests. In case your school or college is not registered as a test centre, they can verify their eligibility to apply for test centre status. The application deadline is typically mid-September. If you cannot take the test at your school or college, you should locate an authorised open test centre where you can sit for the test. If this is not possible, you can consult Oxford’s support team for assistance.

To register, you must:

– Request your school’s Exams Officer to register you and provide you with a candidate entry number as evidence of completed registration
– Supply your test centre with the following details:
– Your name, gender, date of birth, and UCAS number as entered on your UCAS application
– The university and course you have applied for
– Any necessary access arrangements, along with supporting evidence for your request.

The deadline for modified paper requests is mid-September, while the deadline for all other access requirements is the end of September.

Finding a test centre

If your school is not registered as a test centre, or cannot register, you must find an Admission Testing centre near you. There are actually relatively few registered test centres. They are as follows:

Birmingham 00576 – British Council
Bristol 00575 – British Council
Cambridge 00591 – British Council – Cambridge
Edinburgh 00565 – British Council
Greater London 00583 – British Council – Greater London
Leeds 00570 – British Council
Manchester 00572 – British Council
Saint Saviour 67216 – Highlands College
City of Belfast 00799 – IH Trust Assessment Belfast
Kirkwall 70605 – Kirkwall Grammar School
Haverfordwest 68239 – Pembrokeshire College
Douglas 45011 – Queen Elizabeth II High School
Douglas 45009 – University College Isle of Man
Cardigan 68217 – Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi

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Dates and Times

The TSA Oxford dates align with the UCAS application cycle for the University of Cambridge. Key dates are as follows:

– September 1: Registration opens
– Mid September: Deadline for modified paper requests (e.g., enlarged print)
– End of September: Registration closes
– October 18 (subject to change): Test date

How do I register for the TSA Test for Oxford?

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