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11+ interview preparation requires a great deal of thought about a student’s broad life experiences and goals. You can find a range of tips and tutorials, as well as dedicated interview questions, in our 11+ Interview Online Course & Question Bank. 

Hardest 11+ Interview Questions and Answers: School

Can you describe a time when you found a school assignment particularly challenging and explain the steps you took to overcome these challenges? What did you learn from this experience?

In maths last term, we started learning about fractions and I found it really tricky at first. It was hard to understand how you could have more than a whole when adding them, and dividing them seemed almost impossible. But I decided to take it as a challenge, rather than a problem. I spent extra time after school working through problems and asking my teacher for help when I needed it. I also used some online resources to practice. Eventually, it started to make more sense and now, I feel quite confident with fractions. I learnt that sometimes, it’s okay to find things hard and that with patience and practice, I can overcome challenges.

What ability of yours will help our school? How will you add to our community?

I believe that I will be able to help the school because I’m an all-rounder. I don’t think I have one particular ability, rather I think I have a range of different ways that I’ll add to my year and to the school. I work hard and get very good grades, which will hopefully add to the high academic standards I know that the school prides itself on, and I’m also always ready to help other students with their work as well. Outside of class, I hope to be an active part of the rugby and athletics teams – I play in the A team at my prep school, and want to be in the As here too. I hope to be in the first XV by the end of school, and am willing to work hard to represent the school.

How would you improve your current school?

If I were given an opportunity to improve my current school, I would start by enhancing the library. I think a library should be the heart of a school – a hub for curiosity and exploration. While our library is quite good, it could be even better. I would propose a wider variety of books, especially in the fantasy and adventure genres which are favourites among my peers. It would also be great to see more books that help us understand different cultures and perspectives from around the world.

Secondly, I believe introducing a mentoring system where older students could mentor younger ones would be beneficial. The older students could help with homework, share experiences, and provide advice on dealing with challenges. This could foster a stronger sense of community and support among students.

Lastly, although I love sports, I feel that the focus is mainly on football and cricket. It would be nice to see the introduction of less traditional sports like archery or fencing, or even non-competitive physical activities like yoga. This would cater to different interests and could encourage more students to participate in physical activities.

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Hardest 11+ Interview Questions and Answers: Personal Attributes

Think about a time when you faced a disagreement with a friend. How did you handle the situation, and what was the outcome? Looking back, is there anything you would do differently?

I believe that the main point of going to school is to learn what you need to know to live your life. That means that you need to learn a range of academic subjects, from languages through to Science and Maths. Additionally, you should learn other skills as well – how to work with others and be respectful and kind, and how to treat others in general. You should learn general skills that are transferable, like how to use logic and reasoning, or how to debate a point. 

What is your goal in life?

I don’t know what my goal is in life yet, I think that I am a bit too young to know! However, I want to work hard at school to make sure that I can keep my prospects open and aim high.

I’d like to do something that I really enjoy, and that I feel is helpful to other people as well as to myself. I think therefore that my goal is to be able to say that I am having a positive impact on the world, and on the people around me. I would rather not pin myself down with specifics, when there’s so much left to learn and experience.

What is the most important quality that someone can have?

I believe that the most important quality someone can have is resilience. Life can be difficult, and it’s therefore really important that we are able to assess when something is difficult, and understand why we’re struggling – and then to come back and be able to try it again, or find strength from the experience.

If we have this quality, then we will be able to keep trying, and keep pushing – and hopefully we will be able to succeed in the way that we want to therefore. 

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Hardest 11+ Interview Questions and Answers: Interests & Hobbies

If you could spend a day with a person who shares your main hobby or interest, who would it be and why? What would you do during that day?

If I could spend a day with a person who shares my main hobby or interest, it would be with a professional wildlife photographer. I am passionate about nature and photography, so spending a day with someone who captures the beauty of the natural world would be incredible. We would explore a picturesque nature reserve, capturing stunning photographs of animals in their natural habitats. I would love to learn their techniques and get advice on capturing the perfect shot. It would be an inspiring and educational day, allowing me to combine my love for nature and photography.

Imagine you have the opportunity to write a book or create a film based on your favourite hobby or interest. What would the storyline be, and what message or lesson would you want the audience to take away from it?

If I had the opportunity to write a book or create a movie based on my favourite hobby or interest, it would be about the power of imagination and storytelling – in other words, about reading itself! The storyline would revolve around a group of children who discover a hidden portal to a magical realm. In this world, their imagination comes to life, and they embark on incredible adventures. Throughout their journey, they learn important lessons about friendship, courage, and the limitless possibilities of imagination. The book or film would emphasise the importance of embracing creativity, thinking outside the box, and cherishing the power of dreams. The message I would want the audience to take away is that imagination has the ability to transport us to extraordinary places and that our imagination can shape our reality in beautiful ways.

Tell me about something that happened recently in the news that you found interesting.

I find the stand-off between China and Taiwan to be interesting – it seems like it could lead to the beginning of another Cold War, this time between the US and China, rather than the US and Russia. I try to read the news as much as I can, and I’ve found a lot of information about this through the newspapers and on the BBC News site. It’s interesting because one small area of the world could have huge consequences for the rest of the world – which is something we’ve learnt about in history, like Poland in World War II.

If you had the chance to revolutionise your favourite hobby, how would you push the boundaries and create a unique experience?

If I had the opportunity to revolutionise my favorite hobby, which is playing the piano, I would push the boundaries by creating a unique digital learning platform. This platform would combine the traditional methods of piano learning with interactive technology to enhance the overall experience.

Firstly, I would develop a virtual piano tutor feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide personalized feedback and guidance based on the learner’s playing. This would help students refine their technique and musical expression in a more interactive and engaging way.

Additionally, I would integrate a virtual reality component that allows users to virtually step into iconic concert halls and perform alongside renowned pianists.

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