Guildford High School Interview Questions and Key Information

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Overall Guide to Guildford High School

Guildford High School provides an ‘inspiring, first-class education for academically able and characterful girls from age four to eighteen.’ The school comprises a Junior School and Senior School, and is focused on creating a happy community, as well as one that allows for academic success. GHS was founded in 1887 by Miss A Morton, the first Headmistress, who had an uphill battle to attract pupils initially – a challenge that she rose to. More than 100 years later, the school is seen as one of the best in the UK. Recent awards that it’s won include:
Being named the ‘Best School for Pastoral Care 2018’ by The Week magazine.
Being awarded the Sunday Times Independent Prep School, 2016 and the Sunday Times South East Independent Secondary School in 2018.

And most impressively, being named The Sunday Times Southeast Independent School of the Decade in 2020.

Guildford High School Ranking & Results

The 2019 GCSE results, the latest available, were exceptional, with 97.3% of grades being A or A*, and 68% being grade 9, the highest A* grade possible.

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Guildford High School Curriculum

The curriculum in Years 7-9 is designed to be ‘broad, stimulating and exciting’ and to allow pupils to find their passions before the GCSE years begin. As well as their core subjects, pupils have one lesson per week of Current Affairs, which emphasises the importance of ‘discussion, debate, synthesis and evaluation of information and presentation skills.’

In Years 10 and 11, pupils study  nine or ten GCSEs, depending on their preference. All pupils will take Maths, English Language and Literature and choose either three separate Sciences or Double Award Science GCSEs. All pupils will take at least one modern or classical language and at least one from History, Geography or Religious Education. Other than these requirements, any combination is possible. Alongside their GCSEs, the school encourages pupils to take on as many extracurricular activities as possible.

All GHS students study at least three A Levels, and some take four or five, if one is Further Maths. Some students take an additional subject as well as their A Levels, like a GCSE in Ancient History, Astronomy or Portuguese. Thinking Skills AS Level is available as a one-year course in the Lower Sixth.

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What is the admission process at Guildford High School?

Between 60 and 75 girls will join the school in Year 7, as well those coming from the Junior School. There are several candidates assessed for each place every year. Per the school, there is no ‘preferred school from which our joiners come -we are truly seeking those girls who possess the qualities to thrive with us, no matter what their background and education.’

Candidates take on two assessment days, which cover a one hour CEM test (comprising verbal, numerical and non-verbal exercises) and an Interview Day which provides applicants with the chance to experience life at GHS as well as a range of activity sessions and an interview. This is designed to be informal, yet allow students to show their ability in creative thinking and analysis. There are no written papers on the Interview Day. There is no separate scholarship examination.

What kind of questions are asked at interview at Guildford High School?

Creative Thinking
How would you escape a desert island, if you were left there by yourself and with no equipment?
Why do you think that some objects are so important to us?
Can you think of any other languages that you know about that have affected the English language?
Can you think of three adjectives that give a gloomy or depressing atmosphere, and then three that give a positive and bright atmosphere?
What ways can you think of to make a story gripping

What can you tell us about this poem? [Provide the student with a poem]
What do you think that this graph shows? [Provide the student with a relatively simple graph]
What is 14 * 14?
If you flip an unbiased coin four times in a row, what is the probability of getting tails every time?

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