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In my first year of university, I suffered a ruptured disc in my lower back, which necessitated spinal surgery. This experience showed me the all-consuming impact ill-health can have on one’s life, and it was the devoted treatment from the multidisciplinary care team that was pivotal to my recovery. The consultant took time to answer all of my concerns, which reassured me of my future and alleviated my anxiety about whether I would ever play sport again. It was the compassionate treatment I received, alongside the ethos of scientific inquiry instilled by my degree, that reaffirmed my desire to practise medicine and do the same for others.

My extensive work experience has exposed me to a variety of medical contexts. Volunteering on Addenbrooke’s Elderly Medicine ward, working with staff from nurses to housekeepers, exemplified the necessity of teamwork to healthcare. I have improved my communication skills through regular conversations with patients, and it has been rewarding to see the positive effect this can have on their wellbeing. In a neuro-oncology clinic I witnessed the challenges doctors face, as a consultant sensitively informed a patient of their brain cancer diagnosis. The consultant’s empathetic approach, with consideration of patient autonomy, ensured the patient understood all of the treatment options and support systems available. This highlighted the doctor’s role as an empathetic and professional communicator. My role as a care worker, caring for a boy who was severely neurologically impaired due to post-surgical complications, tested my emotional resilience. I initially found this difficult as he was unable to communicate due to aphasic quadriplegia; however, I learnt that communication is far more than verbal. Learning to recognise his eye and head movements allowed me to notice if he was in distress. Working closely with his family, I could then act to reassure him, which was crucial in delivering the best possible care.

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Through my degree I have developed an interest in the scientific basis of Medicine. I am particularly interested in the biological basis of depression and the emerging field of immuno-psychiatry and I am currently undertaking bioinformatics research investigating the link between depression, inflammation and structural brain changes. I am excited about the potential use of biomarkers for the stratification of personalised treatment in the future. As part of this work, teaching myself the programming language R for data analysis has provided me with a valuable skill for the coming age of big data science. In my final year at Cambridge, I worked critically and creatively to design a digital neuroanatomy teaching framework, which I presented to the public at a University exhibition on ‘Anatomical Models’. In theatre, I witnessed the clinical relevance of this work, seeing a neurosurgeon use a digital reconstruction of the patient’s skull to aid his first incision.

Conversing with junior doctors about the long hours and pressures of medicine has stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In my free time, I write and record songs, allowing me to relax and express my love for music. I have achieved Grade 8 distinction on the guitar and enjoyed performing as the frontman in a student rock band at over 15 university balls. This has required consistent practice and cohesive teamwork, which I’ve further demonstrated as a member of my college’s 1st XI football team. Additionally, I developed my leadership skills as the Head of Musical Entertainment for Christ’s May Ball 2018, coordinating over 30 acts across 4 stages on the night of the ball.

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All these experiences have steadily strengthened my commitment to Medicine. From enjoying the social complexities that make every day unique, to embracing the latest breakthroughs in research and technology, I am determined to thrive in my medical career and recreate the essence of care I am so grateful to have received myself.

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