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There’s a small, but very important, list of things that you need to bring with you on the day of the GPhC exam. First, you’ll need your identification documents. Next, you’ll need a GPhC calculator, which is used for part one of the exam only. Additionally, you can bring a bottle of drinking water, which must be in a clear bottle (i.e. there can be no label on it).

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ID checks are carried out before the exams begin. You have to bring a form of photographic ID with you. This can be either a valid passport, or a valid UK or EU driving licence photocard. No other form of ID will be accepted. Your documentation has to be signed and valid on the date that you are sitting the assessment. The test centre staff will check the ID and ensure that it matches up with you – they will also check that your signature resembles that which you gave when you signed in at the registration desk. You will have to remove any head covering if it prevents the staff carrying out ID checks.

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Remember that calculators can only be used in the first part of the exam. Your calculator must be approved by the GPhC – they permit only a short list of calculators. These are:

  • 1: Sharp EL 240SAB
  • 2: Catiga CD-8185
  • 3: Rebell Panther 8 Desktop Calculator
  • 4: Aurora HC133

When you enter the test room for part one, you must show the calculator, as well as any spares, to the invigilator. They will check that it is an approved model. If you bring an unapproved model, you will be asked to return it to the locker area with the rest of your belongings.

Spare physical calculators are not available. This means that if you forget to bring one, you will be able to use the on-screen calculator only. Alternatively, you could choose to withdraw from the assessment – but with the amount of preparation done, this would seem difficult to countenance. However, you must remember that the on-screen calculator is far less efficient and will therefore lead to a slower and thus poorer performance – not allowing you to do your best. Therefore, remember to buy one of the above calculators, and to bring it with you!

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