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The GPhC Exam Syllabus is technically known as the ‘registration assessment framework’ – you can find both brief articles on this (titled ‘Framework/Outcomes’) and a longer Complete Guide to the Registration Assessment Framework, both on our site.

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What you need to know, at a glance, is that the exam is designed simply to test the learning outcomes set out in a document called ‘Future pharmacists: standards for initial education and training of pharmacists.’ However, the assessment cannot, logically, test every single outcome in this document – instead, many outcomes will already have been tested during either your MPharm degree itself, or during your training placement. Equally, some outcomes might be tested both during your placement and during the exam.

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You can better understand exactly what will be in the exam through the following:

– Using one of our short guides (either the Framework/Outcomes article or our Complete Guide
– Making use of the entire Registration Assessment Framework Document found through the GPhC

– Making use of the indicative assessment topics, which are contained within the Assessment Framework, and our guides
– Making use of the official sample paper found on the GPhC exam site, which will give an overview of the level of detail required
– Making use of a question bank written by practising pharmacists – like our GPhC Question Bank. This contains more than 1000 total questions, including hundreds of SBA questions, EMQs, and GPhC calculation questions. Every question has an answer with an explanation written by a qualified pharmacist. Additionally, you will find comprehensive notes covering 76 key medications and topics – meaning that you can be confident your revision is well-targeted, without having to read through the entire framework. However, we would still recommend that you familiarise yourself with the outcomes, such that your preparation has no blindspots. As even the GPhC themselves state, ‘pharmacy is a very broad subject, so it is not realistic to provide a framework that covers every topic in detail’ – in other words, no matter how well you prepare, there will always be both core outcomes that are not covered in the assessment paper, and some parts of the assessment paper that were not covered in the framework that you will have revised.

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