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The GPhC Exam has a detailed framework and is reliant on a very detailed set out of outcomes set by the GPhC. Here, we’ll take a look at the framework, how it relates to the outcomes, and where you should find more information.

The Outcomes for the GPhC Exam

The outcomes are a set of all outcomes expected of trainee pharmacists – this covers both the content that would be tested in the GPhC exam, and other content designed to be tested in different ways – perhaps through assessments by your pre-reg tutor for example. The entire document can be accessed on the GPhC site as part of the trainee manual; we would advise that you take the time to look through it and familiarise yourself with it.

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The Framework for the GPhC Exam

The Framework explains what is tested in the registration assessment – in other words, it allows students to better understand which part of the outcomes are relevant for the exam and therefore for their revision. Per the GPhC, the assessment tests ‘some but not all’ of the learning outcomes; learning outcomes in the assessment are linked to indicative assessment topics which can be seen on the GPhC site. For example, an indicative assessment topic might be hypothyroidism; and the outcome might be ‘Identify and employ the appropriate diagnostic or physiological testing techniques in order to promote health.’ Relevant factors taken from the indicative assessment topic would therefore be:
– Whether the individual displays clinical features of hypothyroidism
– Understanding TFTs
– Which drugs impact thyroid function
– Signs any symptoms of hypothyroidism

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The framework also covers the weighting of questions. Questions with a high weighting make up 60-70% of the exam, while those with a medium weighting make up 25-35%, and those with a low weighting make up 10%.

The framework covers a range of specific drugs and therapeutic systems – this can be better understood through our article on the topics covered in the GPhC.

Lastly, the framework covers specific outcomes – which are featured in the exam. For example, Outcome 10.1 – Expectations of a pharmacy professional – covers the following areas:
– Low weighting: recognise the duty to take action if a colleague’s health, performance or conduct is putting patients or the public at risk
– Low weighting: apply the principles of clinical governance in practice
– Low weighting: demonstrate how the science of pharmacy is applied in designing medicines and medical devices
– Medium weighting: respond appropriately to medical emergencies, including providing first aid.

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