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As it stands, the fee for the exam is included within the cost of your registering as a pharmacist within the UK. Per the GPhC, ‘you can start your application once you have completed week 49 of your pre-registration training, and you will be able to submit your application before you know your assessment result.’ It can therefore be surmised that the assessment and the application are taken as one overall charge. The cost, at the time of writing, is £106. However, this cost is variable from year to year. Importantly, you should be aware that the fee is non-refundable, whether you are successful in your application or not.

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Regarding possible fee changes – you shouldn’t be too concerned about fee increases, as there has been a significant decrease in charges over the last decade. In 2012, the pre-reg scheme entry cost was reduced from £172 to £142, with the registration assessment itself reduced from £208 to £182. As such, it seems that there is an overall trend towards lower fees for those looking to enter the profession, although fees for pharmacies and practising professionals may not follow the same pattern.

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All fees are the same – you will not pay a reduced rate if you are from a certain group or socioeconomic background. There have been moves towards this in the past, with the GPhC stating that, ‘some respondents have asked for ‘differential’ fees to be introduced for certain groups, feeling that the existing model is unfair. We carried out research on the idea of having differential fees for individuals. After discussing the findings, the Council provisionally came to the view that – on balance and in the interest of fairness – it was best to keep the present flat-fee structure for individual registrants.’ This seems logical, given that all professionals here are entering on much the same footing within the career at least – and that the fees set must cover the regulatory functions of the GPhC, and that the council must maintain high standards. Of course, fees for Pharmacists vs Pharmacist Technicians are different – but all pharmacists, at the time of writing, will pay the same for their initial assessment and application to the GPhC.

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