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The GPhC places great emphasis on only sitting the exam if you are fit to do so. What does this mean? It means that you don’t know of any reason why you wouldn’t perform as well as you can on the day itself. That means that if you know of something that is going to hold you back, you should not sit the exam this time. Of course, making that decision won’t be easy. This could be a personal problem, due to problems with your physical or mental health, or anything else that you think would mean delaying to a later date is more suitable. Remember that you can withdraw from any sitting of the exam up until it begins – meaning that this exam won’t count as one of your three attempts. You must therefore carefully consider whether you’re better withdrawing if you find that circumstances have changed, even if this is a last minute event. As soon as you begin the exam, you can’t appeal the decision based on any grounds that were known to you before the exam. There’s more information available on the GPhC website.

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Ensuring your Wellbeing

Especially with the above in mind, it’s vital to focus on your wellbeing in the run up to the exam. Focus on setting realistic goals that give you time to see friends, exercise, and eat and sleep as normal! Study sensibly, with breaks and healthy snacks on hand. Try to integrate studying into a healthy lifestyle, rather than have it become your new lifestyle for a set period of time. In practice, this especially means that you must avoid last-minute revision, cramming, and staying up all night trying to learn vital facts before the exam. It’s a manageable amount of content that ties in with your job, and therefore you will do best in the exam if you begin to focus on it as you move into the final third of the year, rather than seeing it as something that can be revised for within a short period of time. Remember, if either the pressure of upcoming the exam or the pressure of combining your studying with your work become too much and you feel overwhelmed, make sure to talk to someone – be it your tutor, a friend, a colleague – anyone that you feel can help and provide support.

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