GPhC Exam 2023: Schedule and Timings

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The GPhC Exam for 2023 will take place on the 27th June. This is the only sitting of the test, meaning that you must be ready and eligible to sit on that date.

Eligibility to Sit GPhC Exam 2023

In order to sit the Summer 2023 GPhC Assessment, you will need to have a demonstrated record of having completed 39 weeks of training by the 8th of May, and have a 39 week progress report. Your 39 week progress report must be completed and marked as satisfactory.

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GPhC Exam 2023: Timings Overview

The test is divided across two parts. The first part is a 2 hour calculation paper, and the second is a two and a half hour multiple choice paper. Importantly, you must sit both parts of the paper on the same day – in other words, you will be taking a total of 4.5 hours of exams on the one day, making up the entire assessment. Per the GPhC, this is to ‘ensure that candidates can apply a breadth of knowledge and depth of reasoning in a defined and limited period of time. For this reason, the parts cannot be sat on separate days.’ In other words, you must demonstrate that you have all the required knowledge in just one day – otherwise, students could revise for separate parts and thus be able to ‘cram’ more easily for an assessment that should show solid, professional knowledge.

In terms of specific timings on the day, you should be aware that candidates are not permitted to sit the assessment if they arrive more than 15 minutes after the start time for that paper. Additionally, candidates cannot leave the assessment room during each part of the assessment, other than to use the toilet.

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GPhC Exam 2023: When Will I Get My Grades?

You will be notified of your results by the GPhC. You will be provided with the mark that was required to pass, for each paper, along with the mark that you received. You will then also receive an overall result – pass or fail – which will be evidenced by your individual marks.

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