GP Training Entry Requirements and Key Tips

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GPST Stage 1 Application Requirements

​The GP Stage 1 application is completed on the online platform ‘Oriel’ between November and December each year. Applicants are required to demonstrate the following competencies in order to proceed to stage 2 of the application (Multi Speciality Recruitment Assessment):

  • Full registration with a Licence to Practise awarded by the GMC (UK)
  • Evidence of English language proficiency
  • UK National or evidence of right to work in the UK
  • Criminal Record and Fitness to Practice Declaration
  • Three references (including most recent employer, Consultant or Educational Supervisor)
  • Recognised primary medical qualification
  • Currently in the second year of a UK Affiliated Foundation Programme or achieved Foundation Competencies within the last three years.
  • Advanced Life Support Qualification (Required prior to commencing GPST1 post)
  • UK valid driving licence with vehicle access or commitment to independently make suitable alternative transport arrangements in order to attend emergencies and provide domiciliary care.
  • Confirmation that you will be available to sit the MSRA during the specified examination window.

GPST Stage 1 Application Key Tips

  • Submit your application at the earliest opportunity
    • Unfortunately, the Oriel website is notorious for technical difficulties close to the applications deadline, and late submissions are not accepted under any circumstance.
    • Confirming three suitable references can take longer than expected, hence it is important to contact suitable references early in the application window.

  • Rank according to personal preference, and NOT ‘tactically’
    • Jobs are allocated on applicant scores irrespective of where one has ranked the specific deanery (eg. If an applicant has ranked Royal Free Hospital third and has missed his first two ranked choices, he will still be offered Royal Free Hospital before someone who has a lower overall score, despite the latter candidate ranking Royal Free Hospital as their first choice).
    • Simplistically, the recruitment process allocates jobs according to overall applicant score (MSRA +/- Selection Centre) and not based on applicant’s ranking positions.

  • Making changes:
    • In the event that you change your mind regarding your preferred hospital location(s), you can change your rankings after you have submitted your GP Stage 1 application, until the final GP Stage 3 selection centre date.
    • Alternatively, if you wish to change your references, this can be done at any point prior to the reference sumission deadline (after GPST offers released).

  • Commence MSRA preparation early
    • Whilst it takes up to three weeks from submitting GP Stage 1 applications to receiving a GP Stage 2 (MSRA) invitation, applicants are strongly advised to commence MSRA preparation prior to this, given that only a very small minority of applicants are rejected at Stage 1. Additionally, waiting until the end of December to commence MSRA preparation, does not leave sufficient preparation time for this vitally important examination.

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GP Training Entry Requirements and Key Tips

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