GP Stage 3 Written Prioritisation Exercises Key Tips, Techniques & Mark Scheme

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Exam Specific Practice

​The first thing to ensure is that all practice reflects the exam setting.  This means no A4 Pukka pads or time independent practice. All practice should be under strict timed conditions, on examination answer sheets, hand written and preferably based on official past written prioritisation exercises.


Time Aware, Time Efficient

The second factor to consider is how you’re going to divide your 30 minutes for the written prioritisation exercise. We would suggest a 2-5-3 approach. That’s 2 minutes to rank each of the scenarios, 5 minutes to justify and explain your actions for each of the 5 scenarios and 3 minutes to reflect.

Ranking – 2 Minutes
Justifications & Actions – 5 minutes/Scenario (25 Minutes Total)
Reflection – 3 Minutes

10 Common Written Prioritisation Scenarios

Reflect v Rehearse

Similarly, there are a maximum of 5 reflection questions which are recycled each year and hence it’s a good idea to prepare answers for these as well, or alternatively attend a Blackstone Tutors GP Stage 3 course, and you’ll receive justifications, actions and reflection points for each of the common scenarios and questions.

What Did You Find Difficult Completing This Task And What Issues Were Raised?
What Did You Learn About Yourself During This Exercise?
Would You Do Anything Differently If You Were To Do This Exercise Again?
How Will You Apply What You Have Learnt?

Optimise Your GP Stage 3 Performance

Learn the best GP Stage 3 strategies and practice with reflective GP Stage 3 scenarios.

Mark Scheme Domains

Finally, always keep in mind the four domains that you are being assessed on and consider how these can be applied to each of the scenarios mentioned.

Empathy & Sensitivity
Communication Skills
Conceptual Thinking & Problem Solving
Professional Integrity

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GP Stage 3 Written Prioritisation Exercises Key Tips, Techniques & Mark Scheme

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