GP stage 3 What To Expect? Mark Scheme & Preparation Tips

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GP Stage 3 - The Key Compnents

​The GP Stage 3 exam is made up of three simulated consultations, and one written prioritisation exercise.

Each simulated consultation is 10 minutes in duration, including reading time and calling the patient into the room. Every candidate will have one simulated consultation with a patient, one simulated consultation with a relative and one simulated consultation with a health care professional.

​The written prioritisation exercise is 30 minutes in duration. This involves ranking five time specific tasks, explaining the rationale behind your ranking and reflecting on your work.

GP Stage 3 Mark Scheme

In order to succeed, it’s essential to understand the criteria that you are being assessed on. The Mark Scheme Domains can be found below, and candidates attending a BlackStone Tutors GP Stage 3 Course will also receive our trusted GP Stage 3 Mark Scheme which breaks down each of the domains into actionable areas.
There are four competencies being assessed; these are empathy and sensitivity, communication skills, conceptual thinking & problem solving and professional integrity. In the written prioritisation exercise all four areas are assessed whilst in each simulation exercise, three out of the four areas are assessed. Each area is scored from one to four, with four being the best making a maximum total score of 52.

Optimise Your GP Stage 3 Performance

Learn the best GP Stage 3 strategies and practice with reflective GP Stage 3 scenarios.

How Your GP Stage 3 Score Is Used?

Your GP Stage 3 score is combined with your GP Stage 2 or MSRA score to give you an overall score and ranking. The weighting is such that GP Stage 3 is weighted at 40%, the situational Judgement component of stage 2 is weighted at 40% and the stage 2 clinical problem solving paper is weighted at 20%. Applicants are ranked by overall score, with the highest scoring applicants receiving GP training jobs in their preferred locations.

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GP stage 3 What To Expect? Mark Scheme & Preparation Tips

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