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Whilst all preparation will likely be of some benefit, for the most benefit ensure that you are using a resource that contains Past GP Stage 3 Selection Centre Simulation & Written Prioritisation Exercises, as these will most accurately reflect the actual GP Stage 3 Selection Centre.

There are a select number of resources based on past scenarios, including our GP Stage 3 Online Question Bank.

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Learn the best GP Stage 3 strategies and practice with reflective GP Stage 3 scenarios.

Critical Fails

Each Simulation Exercise and Written Prioritisation Exercise will have its own critical fails; these are often subtle and overlooked by less well trained candidates. Examples of previous critical fails include unintentionally telling a ‘white lie’ (eg. telling a patient that you do not have a test result in order to avoid possible confrontation, even though the scenario description clearly states that you have seen the result). Additionally, in the Written Prioritisation Exercises, critical fails include failing to prioritise a medical emergency. Unfortunately, with just one critical fail, your GP Stage 3 Selection Centre outcome would be ‘Unsuitable For GP Training’ irrespective of performance in the other Simulation Exercises and Written Prioritisation components.

There are a number of critical fails which are commonly repeated year on year in the GP Stage 3 Selection Centre, and candidates attending a BlackStone Tutors GP Stage 3 Course will be taught each of these, in order to avoid these easily preventable errors.

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GP Stage 3 Selection Centre Tips

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