GP Selection Centre: Common Written Prioritisation Scenarios

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The GP Stage 3 Selection Centre Written Prioritisation Task requires you to rank 5 scenarios according to priority, justify your rankings and the actions required as well as reflecting on the task as a whole. This can be extremely challenging given the limited time available, and potential variability in scenarios.

Despite this ‘variability’ in possible scenarios, we have analysed past GP Stage 3 Selection Centre Written Prioritisation Tasks from the last ten years, and noted the following ten key scenario categories which repeat year on year.

Hence, whilst the wording of the scenarios may change, the concepts remain exactly the same making preparing for the Written Prioritisation Exercise considerably easier and far more rewarding.

​Given the regular repetition in these scenarios, we would recommend pre-planning justification and action points for each of the 10 common Written Prioritisation Scenarios (and applying these points to the specific scenario details at the Selection Centre). Alternatively, if you are attending a BlackStone Tutors GP Stage 3 Course, we will provide model answers for each of these common scenarios as well as 30+ Past Written Prioritisation Exercises.

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