George Washington University Medicine Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

Each year 800 interviews are offered by the Admissions Office. Interviewees are able to connect with current students in order to learn more about the university and what it’s like studying at George Washington. All interviews are Eastern Standard Time. The acceptance rate is 2.93%, with 184 students being enrolled in a given year.

Interview Format

The interview is conducted with one faculty member, making it a traditional interview, and it should last around 25 minutes. All interviews are conducted ‘blind,’ meaning that the interviewer will not have read the interviewee’s files before the interview, nor be aware of their grades.

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Key Dates

The interview season will typically run from August through March, with the first invitations being sent out in July. Early decisions are given on November 1st and January 5th, with regular decisions also made on January 5th. Spring admissions decisions are made on October 1st.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
Why Medicine?
Why George Washington?
Have you done any research?
Why would you be a good doctor?
What is your back up plan if you don’t get into medical school?
Describe your path to medicine.
What profession would you go into if you couldn’t be a doctor?
What characteristics do you have that will make you a good physician and what is something you want to work on?
What is the biggest problem facing the US Healthcare system? How do you think we could fix it?
How will you handle stress in medical school?
What made you confirm your decision to pursue medicine?
What is one quality you have that will help you as a physician?

Why do you want to be a doctor?
Which class did you take, not required for your major, that you enjoyed the most and why?
Tell me about some of the research that you’ve taken on.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
What qualities do you have that would make you a good doctor?
What is the source of your desire to go into a career in service of others?
Tell me about your clinical experience.
What concerns do you have about a career in medicine?
What is your most important clinical experience?
Tell me about your journey to medicine including any mentors you’ve had.
Where have you encountered diversity in your experiences?
What do you think is more stressful, being a resident or a physician in practice?

How will you pay for medical school?
What role do you think a physician should play in a community?
What are your expectations for medical school?
Are you currently in school? What research have you done?
Tell me about a time that you had a positive patient experience. Why?
Why do you want to become a physician instead of becoming a nurse?
What are three of your strong points that will contribute to your work as a doctor

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Communication Stations​
Tell me about a time you communicated with someone from a culture different from your own and what you learnt from that experience.
Explain a time where you did not listen to instructions correctly and how you handled that.

Teamwork Tasks
How do you lead others?
What leadership roles have you assumed? What is your leadership style?
Describe a time when you conflicted with others. How did you resolve this?
What do you think makes a good leader?

Sales Pitch
What can you bring that is unique to GWU?
What do you bring to the school that no other applicant brings

General / Personal Statements
Tell me about yourself.
Why do you want to go to school in DC?
Tell me about a time you failed in your personal life.
If I asked your friends to use three words to describe you, what would those three words be?
What do you do outside of class and work as a hobby or to relax?
What is your MCAT score and your GPA?
Describe yourself.
What is the best thing you’ve done in the last five years?
What is your biggest weakness?
Tell me about a time you were challenged.
What are you most proud of?
What is something I should take away from this interview about you?
Why do you think you would be a good fit at GW?
How do you handle stressful situations?
What is your favourite food?
How do you maintain a balanced lifestyle?
What interactions have you had with cultures outside your own?

George Washington University Medicine Interview Questions

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