GCSEs, A-Levels & The International Baccalaureate (IB)

At BlackStone Tutors, we recognise the importance of excelling in ones GCSEs and A-Levels. Nevertheless, we understand that this can be a very stressful time for students, fraught with a great deal of pressure.

Our tutors focus on helping their students to fulfil their potential through the use of a number of teaching techniques. We appreciate the limitations of ‘spoon feeding’ and hence aim to ensure each student understands all key concepts. We also assist and develop students’ time management skills, a common barrier to academic excellence. Most important of all, our tutors have expert knowledge, not only in the relevant subject being taught, but also in gearing their teaching towards the needs of the particular exam-board. Therefore, they are able to offer invaluable exam technique advice.

BlackStone Tutors Top GCSE and A-Levels Tips

1) Examination papers. Do not underestimate the importance of past examination papers; whilst text books and revision guides are useful adjuncts, there is no substitute for repeated past paper practice.
2) Completed all the past papers? Impossible. Past papers are not to be reviewed once, twice or thrice; at BlackStone Tutors we recommend that students repeat past papers a minimum of five times due to significant repetition and ‘minimal variation questions’ that are often found in GCSE and A-Level examinations. Furthermore, once this target has been met, there are a number of other examination boards that offer similar subjects, hence providing invaluable additional practice resources.

3) Quality not quantity. Exam preparation should never be measured in terms of revision hours, chapters completed or topics covered. Instead, revision is best measured in terms of quality of output or content retained. How to assess retained content? You guessed it….past examination papers.

4) Support structures. Even the brightest students have difficulty understanding and implementing some of the challenging concepts covered in GCSEs and A-Levels; however only the very brightest seek appropriate support. Whilst private tuition is a useful and popular approach with as many as 40% of students employing private tutors, it can also prove beneficial to discuss challenging topics with peers and teachers.
  • Choice of 1, 5 or 10 hours of Private One-To-One Tuition
  • Location and date of your convenience*
  • Can be conducted online (eg. Skype)
  • Conducted by experienced Russell Group University students and graduates

*Please note. If you reside outside Greater London, you may be required to commute to a mutually convenient location. Furthermore, we require all tutees to sign a tuition agreement prior to commencing private tuition. Please email info@blackstonetutors.com for further details.


‘Jason was fantastic; he made Economics easy to understand and a joy to learn.’
Joseph Macfarlane

I always struggled with exam technique, but thanks to William’s exam tips and advice – I managed to get an A*’
Laura Dantase

‘BlackStone Tutors were superb. They ensured my son got through his A-Level retake in a timely and stress-free manner. 14 weeks of hard work earned him an A* in his Maths A-level retake, going up by 2 grades. He also managed to squeeze in some time abroad before gaining a place with KPMG on their 6-month GAP Year Scheme. Had it not been for BlackStone, we would have had no idea on how to get through the rigorous interview processes. Graham and I are incredibly happy and will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Thank you BlackStone.’
Abi Wilson

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