Free GP Stage 3 Written and Simulation Exercises

Advice & Insight From GP Stage 3 Specialists

The following GP Stage 3 Written and Simulation Exercises are provided for all applicants to benefit from and represent a snapshot of the actual GPST Stage 3 Selection Centre Examination as well as the resources provided to students attending our GP Stage 3 Preparation Courses. We strongly recommend that you practice the exercises under timed conditions in order to best familiarise yourself with the selection centre environment. The GP Stage 3 examination is designed to be challenging, even for very bright applicants. However, with sufficient practice and appropriate techniques, your scores will significantly improve.

GP Stage 3 Written Prioritisation Exercises

GP Stage 3 Simulation Exercises

Candidates attending our GP Stage 3 Preparation Courses will receive full access to our resources comprising of tips & techniques, written prioritisation and simulation practice scenarios, example answers and dedicated mark schemes.

For any queries or comments relating to the questions provided, please email info@blackstonetutors.comAll questions remain the intellectual property of BlackStone Tutors. Questions may not be copied, reproduced or distributed without prior written consent. 

GP Stage 3 Online Course & Question Bank

Practice Written Prioritisation Exercises & Simulated Consultations With Model Answers.

GP Stage 3 Preparation Course

Learn Trusted Techniques & Practice Simulation Exercises With GP Stage 3 Specialists

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