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Overall Guide to Eton

An iconic fixture in British education, Eton College is a full boarding independent school for boys aged 13 to 18. Situated in Eton, Berkshire, it was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI, symbolising over six centuries of fostering intellectual growth and personal development. Recognised globally, Eton’s historical significance and academic reputation set it apart, creating a unique educational environment.

Eton is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, coupled with an extensive range of co-curricular activities. The school’s academic program is rigorous, offering GCSEs and A-levels, along with a bespoke ‘Eton List’, an array of specialist courses that enable boys to delve deeper into particular interests. There is a strong emphasis on developing independent and critical thinking, equipping students with the tools for lifelong learning.

The school is structured into 25 boarding houses, each fostering a close-knit community where boys are guided by their housemaster and tutors. This layout enhances camaraderie and interpersonal skills, essential to the Eton ethos.

Moreover, Eton is celebrated for its sporting tradition, boasting impressive facilities that include a modern sports centre, a boathouse on the Thames, and a professional-standard athletics track. Sports, ranging from rugby and cricket to rowing and athletics, encourage teamwork and leadership.

At Eton, emphasis is also placed on service and community engagement, promoting active citizenship. Boys participate in community projects and partnerships, fostering empathy and respect for diverse communities.

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Eton Ranking & Results

Eton avoids the league tables, although recent A Level results were 83.8% A* and A, putting it firmly in the highest echelon of UK schools academically.

What is the admission process at Eton?

Boys must be registered at least three years in advance. All boys will then sit the ISEB Common Pre-Tests during October or November of Year 6. Boys are then invited at different times of the year according to their age group (i.e. how old they are for their year), and sit both an online predictive test of ability and an interview.

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What kind of 13+ Interview questions are asked at Eton?

Motivation for Attending Eton

  • What interests you about Eton’s history and tradition?
  • How do you think Eton’s academic program will support your learning?
  • Can you share some aspects of Eton’s culture that attract you?
  • How do you anticipate benefiting from Eton’s focus on community service?
  • How would you contribute to the Eton community?
    What elements of the ‘Eton List’ have piqued your interest and why?
  • What are your thoughts about living and studying in a boarding school environment like Eton?
  • How does Eton’s emphasis on developing independent thinking align with your learning style?

Current Affairs

  • Can you discuss a recent news article you read and share your thoughts on it?
  • How do you stay informed about current events?
  • Can you explain the impact of a recent political event on you or your community?
  • What’s your opinion on the role of social media in news dissemination?
  • How could young people be more involved in current affairs?
    How does climate change concern you, and what measures do you think should be taken to combat it?
  • What are your thoughts on the current state of education in light of the pandemic?
  • Can you share your thoughts on a recent international event?

Favourite Subjects

  • What motivates your interest in your favourite subject?
  • Can you discuss a recent project or assignment in your favourite subject that challenged you?
  • How do you plan to advance your studies in your favourite subject at Eton?
  • Have you encountered a topic or concept in your favourite subject that you found particularly challenging? How did you handle it?
  • Can you share a person who has made significant contributions to your favourite subject, and why you admire them?
  • How do you pursue your favourite subject beyond the classroom?
  • Can you share a book or resource related to your favourite subject that has influenced you?
  • If you were a teacher of your favourite subject, what would your first lesson look like?

Extracurricular Interests

  • Can you share an experience when your extracurricular activity helped you develop a new skill?
  • How do you balance your schoolwork with your extracurricular interests?
  • How does your hobby or interest impact your perspective or understanding of the world?
  • Can you share an accomplishment from your extracurricular activities that you’re proud of?
  • If you could start a new club or society at Eton, what would it be and why?

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