ESADE Business School MBA Interview Questions and Answers

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ESADE Business School, founded in 1958 in Barcelona, Spain, is a globally recognized institution that offers a highly regarded MBA program. With a strong focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and social responsibility, ESADE attracts a diverse cohort of around 180 students each year.

ESADE MBA Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate

ESADE has an acceptance rate of 61% for its MBA program, which has one intake per year.

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ESADE MBA Interview Questions by Category:

1. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

– Describe your experience with entrepreneurship or a business venture you have been involved in.

– How do you think ESADE’s focus on entrepreneurship and innovation can support your career goals?

– What trends or innovations in your industry do you find most exciting, and why?

2. Social Responsibility and Sustainability

– Describe a situation where you made a positive social impact or contributed to a sustainability initiative.

– How do you think businesses can balance profitability with social responsibility and sustainability?

– What role do you think ESADE can play in promoting responsible leadership and sustainable business practices?

3. Diversity and Inclusion

– Describe a situation where you worked with people from diverse backgrounds and how you fostered inclusion.

– How do you think diversity enhances the learning experience and success of an MBA program?

– What initiatives or activities would you like to see ESADE undertake to promote diversity and inclusion?

4. Global Mindset and Adaptability

– Describe a situation where you had to adapt to a new cultural or professional environment.

– How have you developed your global perspective, and how do you plan to contribute to ESADE’s international community?

– What specific skills or experiences do you hope to gain from ESADE’s global electives and exchange programs?

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ESADE MBA Interview Questions and Answers:

What attracts you to ESADE's MBA program, and how do you believe it aligns with your career aspirations?

I am drawn to ESADE’s MBA program for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the school’s strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation really resonates with my career goals. As someone who aspires to launch my own tech startup in the future, I am excited by the prospect of learning from ESADE’s renowned faculty and accessing resources like the ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute and the eWorks Accelerator program. These opportunities will provide me with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to turn my business ideas into reality.

ESADE’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability aligns perfectly with my personal values. I admire the school’s pioneering work in this area, such as the ESADE Institute for Social Innovation and the ESADE Sustainability Club. I am eager to join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about using business as a force for good and making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Describe a situation where you made a positive social impact or contributed to a sustainability initiative.

In my previous role as a marketing manager at a consumer goods company, I had the opportunity to lead the development and implementation of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative focused on reducing plastic waste. The initiative was inspired by my personal passion for environmental conservation and my belief that businesses have a crucial role to play in promoting sustainable practices.

I started by conducting a comprehensive audit of the company’s packaging materials and processes to identify areas for improvement. Based on this analysis, I proposed a multi-pronged strategy that included redesigning product packaging to use more eco-friendly materials, partnering with suppliers to develop sustainable packaging solutions, and launching a consumer education campaign to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and reducing plastic waste.

To bring this vision to life, I collaborated with cross-functional teams across the organization, including R&D, procurement, sales, and communications. I also engaged external stakeholders, such as environmental NGOs and industry associations, to gather insights and build support for the initiative. Through effective project management and stakeholder engagement, I was able to secure buy-in from senior leadership and successfully implement the CSR program.

The results were significant: within the first year, we reduced our plastic packaging waste by 30%, increased the use of recycled materials by 25%, and improved our brand reputation among eco-conscious consumers. The initiative also had a positive impact on employee morale and retention, as many staff members expressed pride in working for a company that prioritized sustainability.

How do you plan to contribute to ESADE's diverse and international community?

I am excited to contribute to ESADE’s vibrant and diverse community in several meaningful ways, drawing on my unique background, experiences, and passions. As someone who has lived and worked in multiple countries across Europe and Asia, I have developed a deep appreciation for the value of cultural diversity in fostering innovation, creativity, and personal growth. I look forward to sharing my global perspectives and learning from the rich tapestry of nationalities and backgrounds represented in the ESADE MBA cohort.

One of the ways I plan to contribute to the ESADE community is by taking an active role in the school’s clubs and committees, particularly those focused on entrepreneurship and technology. As a tech enthusiast with experience in digital marketing and product development, I want to collaborate with like-minded classmates to organize events, workshops, and hackathons that explore cutting-edge topics and trends in the industry. For example, I would love to organize a speaker series featuring successful entrepreneurs and innovators from the Barcelona tech scene, to inspire and educate the ESADE community.

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