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General Information

Emory University requires that its students complete the two first years of general education before being able to enrol in the BSN program. In the two years at Emory’s Nursing School, you will complete four semesters of full-time learning

In the remaining two years at Emory’s School of Nursing, you’ll learn the practice of nursing in clinical and classroom settings. The nursing program is designed to be completed in four semesters of full-time enrollment. Graduates of the program are able to take the NCLEX exam that permits you to register as a nurse in the US.

Interview Format

Emory makes use of its ‘Alumni Interview Program,’ which will be part of the application process for a small portion of the students applying to Emory University. Whilst the majority of applicants will not need to interview, you should prepare as if you will have to – as an unexpected interview without adequate preparation is unlikely to go well! If you are invited to interview, the interview will happen in your area, and with an Emory alumnus who lives in the area. You will be interviewed in a ‘cordial, low-key environment and to learn more about the university and Atlanta.’ You should see the interview as a traditional-type interview, albeit relaxed in nature. Emory says that it is ‘impossible’ to predict whether a particular applicant will be invited to interview or not.

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Key Dates

The deadline for those applying to Early Decision I is November 1st. For Emory University Scholars it is November 15th, and for Early Decision II it is January 1st. For Regular Decision it is likewise January 1st. For those seeking a Fall Transfer, the deadline is March 15th. Students will be notified of decisions on December 15th for Early I, April 1st for Scholar Programs, February 15th for Early II, and April 1st for Regular Decisions.

Applicants may receive an invitation from an Emory alumnus to interview via email at any time between the middle of October and early February.

Sample & Recent Interview Questions

Emory focuses on the following areas for Nursing, and it is therefore fair to assume that interviewers would focus the discussion toward them. No questions are included for ‘excellence’ as the category is too nebulous and hard to define.

Excellence: ‘To promote optimal health and wellness for all….’

Collaboration: ‘We believe the only way forward is to share what we know and work together, across communities, perspectives, and cultures.’

  • Tell us about a team that you have been part of. What were the others like and what was playing with them like?
  • Do you work better in a team or independently?
  • Why is teamwork so important to Nursing?
  • What team do nurses work in?
  • Tell us about a time that your team failed, and then describe what you learnt from the experience.
  • Do you think that leadership is important for nurses in particular? Why or why not?

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Social Responsibility: We treat all with respect and dignity and actively engage with others to positively influence health and social justice for all humans.

  • What is your experience of diversity?
  • Why is diversity so important for those going into healthcare professions?
  • How can you try to change health outcomes for the disadvantaged?
  • Have you taken on any volunteering or charity work?
  • Will you look to participate in charity roles whilst at Emory?
  • What do you think about the healthcare system in the US?
  • Have you had a mentoring or pastoral role at school?

Innovation: We use our knowledge and rigor to create the world’s newest and most exciting approaches to health education and health care.

  • What new technology are you aware of in healthcare?
  • What research have you involved yourself in?

Leadership: We stand as an example, shaping nursing, health care, and our school through vision, courage, and optimism

  • Are you a good leader?
  • How can you demonstrate your leadership skills?
  • Imagine that you’re in a group, and given a task by your tutor. No one volunteers to lead immediately. Would you immediately take on the role of leader in order to quickly progress the group, or would you wait and see what happened?
  • What have you learnt about leadership during your time at high school?
  • Describe someone who has set an example to you. What was their role and how did they benefit you or stand out to you?

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Emory University Nursing Interview Questions

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