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As a child with severe allergies, I was frequently in and out of Hereford Hospital for blood tests. The atmosphere that frightened the other children, the frenetic bustle of the doctors, served only to inspire a curiosity in me about what they did, what went on in the rest of that building. I returned there recently, countless years later, on work experience – and discovered that my curiosity had intensified over the years into a passion.

Having gained an academic scholarship to secondary school, I take a keen interest in my academic studies and have been awarded multiple school prizes. My main focus has always been the sciences – however, I firmly believe that a good doctor ought to be a capable communicator, rather than just being a scientist. As such I continue to study and enjoy French. Looking at medicine from viewpoints outside of the sciences – learning, for example, of Hippocrates in Greek – has enabled me to see just how far medicine has come, and just how much more useful the modern day doctor is, in an age where people are living longer every year.

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I have completed medical work placements at Hereford Hospital and in General Practice and seen everything from a hip replacement to an Ex-Paratrooper worrying about having slightly imperfect skin – a lesson that for the patient, seemingly minor problems can be serious. I’ve had experience of Radiology, Orthopaedics, Bronchology, and A&E, and found myself most drawn to Orthopaedics for its need for teamwork, and the speed, efficiency and efficacy with which patients could be treated. Equally, going on ward rounds with junior doctors laid bare the difficulties encountered in medicine – aged patients with dementia who were bewildered and angry, young patients who were unwilling to accept that they had to be in hospital – and showed me just how strenuous life can be starting out in medicine. Throughout my work experience, the sense of cohesion both among and between the hospital teams astounded me. The close working relationships I expected between Consultants and their Registrars continued down to the Junior Doctors in their team, and across to nurses and indeed administrative staff.

Attending a communication skills workshop based around delivering bad news with medical students at Cardiff University, I learnt just how important the ability to communicate sympathy to patients or their relatives is, but also that a doctor must be careful to empathise rather than sympathise in order to provide the best care for a patient. This lesson that was reiterated by doctors I spoke to on work experience, who stressed the importance of empathy when talking to patients in order that they felt their concerns were understood.

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As a volunteer I spent a week at a Vitalise centre last summer, helping disabled guests to have an enjoyable holiday. Working sixteen hour days, often up until after midnight helping guests get to bed was incredibly hard work, but more than worth it for the knowledge that I was truly helping people, for the respect I acquired for the guests, and indeed for the experience and confidence I myself gained. I realise that medicine is not always about curing – rather, it is often about improving quality of life for people with no hope of a cure. I have also volunteered at my local British Heart Foundation shop, seeing at first hand the importance of charity to research, and enjoying being part of a team of dedicated volunteers, as well as interacting with customers.

I am acutely aware of how challenging and arduous a medical course can be and believe my interests prove my determination and staying power. My principal sport is cross country, for which I have represented my school and region in both individual and team events. I am currently in the process of completing my D.O.E. Gold award. As a long-term member of the CCF, in which I hold the rank of Sergeant, I have proven my ability to lead others in challenging situations. I am a Prefect at school, where I have learnt how and when to exercise authority, but also to listen to and empathise with others.

I am excited to bring all that I have learnt to the challenge that is Medicine.

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