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General Interview Information

As its first intake of students was in the 2019-2020 academic year, there is not yet information in the public domain on the number of applicants, or number of interviews offered.

Standard Interview Format

All candidates who score highly in the initial assessments of applications will be invited to attend an interview. This will be in form of an MMI (Multiple Mini Interview), which will assess a variety of attributes, with a particular focus on the following:


  • Understanding and motivation for wanting to join the MBChB programme at Edge Hill University;
  • Verbal communication skills;
  • Integrity/probity;
  • Teamwork/leadership;
  • Empathy and compassion;
  • Awareness of current health challenges;
  • Ethical awareness;
  • Awareness of self and others;
  • Prioritisation/decision making;
  • Interpretation of data.

The above focuses will be mapped onto the values of the NHS Constitution and the Vision and Values of Edge Hill University. You should expect that they are also mapped onto the General Medical Council’s Good Medical Practice guidelines. After the MMI, places will be offered to the top 15-30 students, ranked according to their overall MMI score. If there is a tie in score or a borderline applicant, then the personal statement and reference may be used to distinguish between applicants.

The Edge Hill programme is of five years’ duration, and focuses on developing doctors that prioritise patient safety, professionalism, and reflect on their practice. It features early clinical placements with a focus on community and mental health care settings. Theory and practice are integrated through a hybrid of case-based and team-based learning alongside extensive clinical skills and simulation training. You should consider the Edge Hill program if you are hands-on, and keen to interact with and learn from patients immediately – and you should expect this to be carried across to the interview as well. It is unlikely to feature complex medical or scientific questions.

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Before the Interview

Read through each of the guidelines that Edge Hill explicitly references – that mean the NHS Constitution and the Vision and Values of Edge Hill University. You should of course also make good reference to the General Medical Council’s Good Medical Practice documentation. Ensure that you are clear on why you want to study at Edge Hill – it is a brand new school, and that means that there are likely to be some teething problems that will necessitate you being especially hard working, determined, and resilient. You must have initiative, and be able to demonstrate that you will flourish in this five year program. Bear in mind that the school is new enough to require a ‘contingency school’ which is the University of Liverpool – you should make sure that you have researched and understood what this means.

Exemplar & Recent Interview Questions

Understanding of the program at Edge Hill and motivation to join
Why are you interested in the program at Edge Hill?
What do you think sets our program apart from others in the UK?
What kind of doctor do you think that we are trying to produce here at Edge Hill?
We’re a new program. What do you think that might mean for your studying, and what particular parts of it appeal to you?
Why are you interested in studying Medicine?
What makes you want to study Medicine rather than Dentistry?

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Communication Skills
Why are communication skills important to a doctor?
How have you improved your communication skills?
Tell me about a time when you found your communication skills helped your team, or you, to succeed.
Tell me about a time when you had to deal with someone who was being difficult.

Ethical awareness
Tell me about the pillars of medical ethics.
What is your stance on euthanasia?
Do you think general practitioners should report their patients’ health status to the government or a public body if their patients have active infectious diseases?
Should the NHS cover the costs of IVF?
Should the NHS cover the cost of plastic surgery for those that believe it will help them psychologically?

Awareness of self and others
Tell me why diversity is important to the medical profession.
Tell me about a time when you noticed that someone else was struggling, and how you helped them.
Tell me about the role of empathy in healthcare.
Why is self awareness necessary for a doctor?

How can being aware of other people’s feelings lead to better patient care?

Edge Hill University Medicine Interview Questions

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