Eastern Virginia Medical School Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

Eastern Virginia Medical School, or EVMS, interviews an average of 1307 students per year, of whom 681 will meet the minimum standards to have their application comprehensively reviewed. From this group, 285 will be invited to interview, and 94 will be offered seats. The average GPA is 3.85.

Interview Format

Each interview at EVMS lasts exactly 30 minutes and is conducted in a traditional style. At 20 minutes, a notification is provided to inform the applicant that 10 minutes are remaining. Applications are interviewed, individually, by a panel consisting of a basic scientist, a clinician and a medical student, with at least one attendee representing the MD admissions committee.

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Key Dates

EVMS interviews applicants for the MD program on Wednesdays and Fridays. Interviews begin in September and end in March.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
What should a physician’s role be?
What disparities have you seen in your clinical experience and how would you address them?
What are the three biggest issues in healthcare today?
What brought you to this point?
Why do you want to be a physician rather than a researcher or something else in the medical field?
Tell us about your most interesting volunteer experience.
Describe the physician’s role, as you see it.
What is your plan B?
Tell me about an impactful experience you have had during your exposure to medicine.
What would you change about “Obamacare”?
What are the important qualities/characteristics of a physician?
Tell me about your research.
What is the single most important quality of a physician?
How do you exemplify our values in your daily life and how will you exemplify them as a physician?
Tell me about your experience in research.
What is the doctor’s role with a patient?
Are there any disparities in medicine right now? If yes, what is it and how would you fix that?
What do you think about national health care in the US?
Why do you want to be a doctor (as opposed to a nurse, PA, etc)?
What do you think medical school will be like?
How well do you know current events happening in US healthcare?
What do you think about the ACA (Affordable Care Act)?
What specialty do you not want to do and why?

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Ethical Dilemmas
What would you do if you were an M4 and witnessed the physician you’re under make a mistake on prescription medication?
If you knew students who were selling/using Adderall, what would you do?
If your sister’s boyfriend came to your practice with an STD what would you do?
You find a colleague has not informed a patient of a life threatening abnormality. The patient is very irate and yelling at staff. What do you do?
If you had a patient who was noncompliant, what would you do and how would you handle it?
Have you ever had a moral dilemma?
You are a medical student doing a rotation. Your attending physician, at the request of a coma victim’s spouse, injects him with 3M KCl and kills him (without the consent of the hospital administration). 1) What would you do? 2) Do you think this was ethical? 3) He later approaches you and says, “I may have made a mistake.” What do you think he meant?
Should a physician’s religious beliefs play a role in the care they provide?

Teamwork Tasks
How do you feel about sharing responsibilities with coworkers?
We see that you have worked extensively with numerous of our faculty and students. Do you foresee conflict during your education with these individuals? If so, how would you navigate these conflicts?
What have you learned in your extra-curricular activities about teamwork?

General / Personal Statements
What are your strengths and what are areas that you need to work on?
Tell me about a time where you made a mistake that negatively impacted people in your lives.
What did you see at school today that you didn’t know before coming here?
Describe a time you made a mistake and what you did about it.
What did you observe around the school?
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
How do you manage your time?
Why would you move to VA from Alaska?
What did you like about EVMS in the presentations/tours?
Tell me about a challenge you’ve faced.
Do you think your ten-year plan is realistic?
What activities do you do to destress?

Eastern Virginia Medical School Interview Questions

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