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Dulwich College Overview & Information

Founded in 1619 by Edward Alleyn, Dulwich College is a renowned private school for boys in London, offering day and boarding options. The college, known for its broad curriculum and co-educational kindergarten and infants’ school (DUCKS), extends to a junior and senior school, catering to over 1,800 pupils. This comprehensive educational journey from early years to pre-university level allows for a seamless and progressive learning experience. Dulwich College’s commitment to nurturing future leaders is evident in its emphasis on encouraging students to engage in a range of co-curricular activities, from arts and music to sports and community service, fostering well-rounded personalities. The school’s location in London provides a culturally rich and diverse environment, further enhancing the learning experience. This unique blend of tradition, innovation, and community engagement positions Dulwich College as a leader in boys’ education, preparing students not just for academic success, but also for meaningful contributions to society.

Dulwich College 11+ Test Format

The 11+ entrance exam at Dulwich College is comprehensive, consisting of an online assessment and a handwritten creative writing task. The online assessment includes adaptive questions in Maths, English, non-verbal reasoning, and verbal reasoning. These sections are designed to evaluate the child’s academic strengths and problem-solving abilities. Part 2 of the online assessment is a problem-solving exercise focusing on interactive puzzles and creative comprehension, testing the child’s ability to think creatively and form connections. The final part, the creative writing task, assesses the child’s originality, imagination, and language skills, offering them a choice of prompts to write a narrative.

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Dulwich College 11+ Past Papers and Answers

English Sample Paper 1

English Sample Paper 2

English Sample Paper 3

English Sample Paper 4

English Sample Paper 5

Maths Sample Paper 1

Maths Sample Paper 2

Maths Sample Paper 3

Maths Sample Paper 4

Maths Sample Paper 5

Maths Sample Paper 6

Maths Sample Paper 7

Maths Sample Paper 8

Maths Sample Paper 9

Dulwich College Ranking

Dulwich College is highly regarded in the academic field, ranking 28th in the Sunday Times national league table. The school boasts exceptional exam results, with 95.1% of A-Level grades between A* and B and 92.9% of GCSE grades between 9 and 7, reflecting its commitment to academic excellence.

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Dulwich College 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

The 11+ exams at Dulwich College assess students’ abilities in various areas, including Maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and creative writing. For Maths, focusing on the national curriculum with an emphasis on problem-solving and logical reasoning is key. Regular practice of arithmetic operations, geometry, and more complex mathematical challenges is essential. In English, the exam evaluates comprehension and language skills. Students should read widely to improve comprehension and vocabulary, and practise different types of questions based on various texts.

The verbal reasoning part requires strong language skills, so activities like word puzzles and sentence completion exercises are beneficial. Non-verbal reasoning involves spatial awareness and pattern recognition, so practise with puzzles and visual problem-solving exercises is important.

For the creative writing task, students should regularly practise writing essays or stories to enhance narrative skills and language use. Focusing on creating structured narratives with descriptive language and grammatical accuracy can improve writing abilities.

In preparing for Dulwich College’s 11+ exams, a comprehensive strategy is essential. Consistent practice across all subject areas helps solidify understanding and enhances exam readiness. Familiarity with the exam’s format is crucial, allowing students to navigate the various sections with confidence.

Effective time management skills enable students to allocate appropriate time to each section, ensuring a balanced approach during the exam. Additionally, regularly reviewing performance in practice sessions is key. This involves analysing both strengths and weaknesses in each area, allowing for targeted improvement and overall skill enhancement.

This well-rounded preparation approach, focusing on consistent practice, understanding the exam format, time management, and performance review, will be instrumental in equipping students for success in the Dulwich College 11+ exams. For students who require assistance with one particular domain, or who would benefit from tailored learning, tutors can be of use – be that for scholarship exams or the core exam set. 

Dulwich College 11+ Success Rate

Specific details about the success rate for the Dulwich College 11+ entrance exams are not publicly available, but given the school’s competitive nature, you should assume that not significantly more than half of applicants are successful.

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