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Application Window: Spring to Early Summer

The application process for the Dental Foundation Training (DFT) typically opens in the spring and extends into early summer. This is the period when aspiring dental professionals should submit their applications, ensuring they meet all the eligibility criteria and have gathered the necessary documentation.

SJT Testing Period: Late Summer to Early Autumn

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is usually administered between late summer and early autumn. This is a critical phase, as your performance in the SJT significantly influences your ranking and, consequently, your chances of securing a preferred training post.

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Results and Ranking: Late Autumn

Candidates can expect to receive their SJT results and national ranking by late autumn. This is a pivotal moment, as it determines the range of training posts you are eligible for and sets the stage for the next steps in your dental career.

Post Allocation: Early Winter

The allocation of training posts generally occurs in early winter, following the release of the SJT results and national rankings. High-ranking candidates are more likely to secure their preferred posts, making the period leading up to this a time of anticipation and planning.

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Ideal Preparation Time: At Least Three Months Prior

Given the importance of the SJT in the DFT application process, it’s advisable to start preparing at least three months prior to the test date. This allows ample time to familiarise yourself with the test format, work on improving your skills in areas assessed by the SJT, and engage in targeted practice.

Continuous Professional Development: Year-Round

While not a specific date, it’s important to note that preparation for the DFT and SJT is part of a larger journey of continuous professional development. Aspiring dental professionals should engage in year-round learning and skills development, both to prepare for the DFT and to succeed in their subsequent careers.

In summary, understanding the key dates in the DFT SJT timeline is crucial for effective planning and preparation. From the application window in spring to post allocation in early winter, each phase has its own significance and requirements. Coupled with a recommended preparation time of at least three, or even as much as six months, these key dates provide a roadmap for aspiring dental professionals, guiding them through the critical milestones of the DFT application process.

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