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Law Training Contract: Application Dates and Information

Dentons applications are open from the beginning of December to the end of June.

Firm Overview

Dentons is a large multinational law firm. In 2019, it was the 5th largest law firm in the world, with a gross revenue of $2.9B. It was founded in March 2013 through the merger of SNR Denton, Fraser Milner Casgrain, and Salans. It merged with the Chinese law firm Dacheng in November 2015, to become the largest law firm in the world by number of lawyers. It also has the most offices of any law firm in the world.

It operates in 77 countries, with 190 offices. There is no headquarters, although senior leadership are based in London, Beijing, and Washington. There are more than 10,000 lawyers in the firm in total.

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Law Training Contract: Firm Specialisms & Training Contract Seats

The firm offers a four set training contract, with each seat being six months in duration. It is designed to equip you with the ‘skills required to be the lawyer of the future, now.’ You will benefit from a modernist training contract that includes three new modules – these being legal project management, innovation and resilience. All are designed with this same goal – future proofing you. The firm prides itself on having a bespoke program, which emphasises legal innovation and digital transformation. Before joining you will have some training to get up to speed with the essentials, and when you join will benefit from workshops throughout your training, as well as innovation projects, group sessions and on-to-one training sessions.

Law Training Contract: Past Interview Format & Questions

You will sit an online HR interview, then have the assessment day after.

The HR interview is an in-depth video interview. It involves standard competencies. These are organisation and planning, attention to detail, resilience, and analytical ability. You will be asked about each of these directly. Expect questions like:
– Why Denton’s
– Why Law?
– Who are Denton’s main competitors?

At the assessment centre, you will begin with a written exercise.

This, according to previous trainees and applicants, might consist of something like:
– Being given one hour to read a bundle of information and then draft an email to the chairman of a fictional company about your findings. The specific example was advising a taxi company on which city they ought to invest into and what type of service they ought to provide. There were therefore two decisions to be made here. There is no correct outcome here, so you should focus on accuracy and being succinct.

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The Role Play

This follows directly on from the written exercise before it. You will now present your findings from the written exercise to two associates, who will question you on said findings. The associates are generally urged to push you hard and question you in detail.

Case Study and Final Interview with Partners

As an example:
– You are provided with five minutes in which you need to read a short extract about a small company which is looking to grow. You are then brought into a room with two partners, who will now ask you questions spanning finance, corporate government, employee issues, and dealing with competition.

Examples of questions that have previously been asked by the partners include:

  • Why commercial law?/What does the role of a commercial solicitor mean to you?
  • What is the culture at Dentons and how would you fit into this culture?
  • Are there any specific practice areas you are interested in?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to do something that you didn’t agree with.
  • What have you taught yourself and why did you choose to do it?
  • When have you displayed business acumen and how did you add value?
  • When has being organised led to success for you?
  • Tell me about a time when your organisational skills let you down and what did you implement to change.
  • When have you taken initiative to help someone?
  • Tell me about a commercial news story and how it affects the firm.
  • Why Dentons?
  • What have you learnt on the vacation scheme?
  • Who are Dentons competitors?
  • How does Dentons differentiate itself?
  • When have you had to deal with something difficult?
  • When have you worked in a team?
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