Dentistry Interviews: The Interviewers Perspective Tips & Common Pitfalls

Advice & Insight From Dentistry Interview Specialists

There are different angles of approach when taking and conducting a dental interview. This article will take the reader through the eyes of the interviewer, their perspective, alongside tips and common pitfalls.

5 Top Tips

  • Be confident
It is said that an interviewer makes up his/her mind in the first 30seconds of an interview. Needless to say, confidence is a huge game player. When a candidate shows confidence coupled with a humble approach, this will surely be an advantageous start to the interview.

  • Cheerful persona
Entering the interview with a cheerful and bright persona will always gain brownie points! Subconsciously, it tells the interviewer more about your personality and helps start the process on a pleasant note rather than one of awkwardness, nerves and fear.

  • Zeal & passion
An interviewer always yearns to see the zeal and passion of a candidate. That they truly wish to pursue dentistry as a life career. Passion and zeal are contagious and if a candidate can exhibit this, it will surely give them a forward footing in the interview process. Saying the right things but with a lack of enthusiasm or in a monotonous tone will surely wear off unto the interviewer.

  • Evidence
We live in a world where everything needs to be backed up. And it’s no different with a dental interviewer. The interviewer wants to see whether your facts are backed up. So, be prepared to bring evidence to the table. Claim you have manual dexterity, show them how. Mention that you display empathy, explain how. And the list goes on.

  • Honesty
It’s easy to lie your way through an interview but when assessors have conducted thousands of them, they can surely tell when facts don’t add up and this can easily get a candidate into a mess. Always be honest and truthful. There’s no harm in saying, ‘I don’t know’ but also showing a zeal to understand more and perhaps answering a question with another question!
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My top three pitfalls for an interview which should be avoided at all costs!

  • Being late

It’s never a good start to be late to an interview. And when one is late, they can often turn up flustered, nervous ad without ample time to mentally prepare themselves. Try and organise your time and ensure you arrive in good time for your interview. Sometimes, unavoidable things can happen along the way. Ensure you always contact the institute in good time to inform them of any troubles or hindrances along the journey.

  • Haughty and proud

There’s a difference between being confident and being haughty. It’s good to be confident but a pitfall to show excessive haughtiness. It certainly doesn’t give off good vibes. Humility is a valuable trait and one that all appreciate. Be confident in your approach but don’t be overtly confident that it comes across negatively. Always be willing to learn more and discover. The best candidate is he/she who has a solid foundation but is willing to take on feedback and educate themselves further.

  • False facts:

An interviewer can tell when a candidate is fabricating facts and things don’t add up with their personal statement. Avoid lying in interviews and exacerbating facts that are not true. This will negatively impact the interviewer’s perception of you and sometimes false facts surface easily and quicker than the candidate can imagine. 

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Dentistry Interviews: The Interviewers Perspective Tips & Common Pitfalls

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