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The Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University, commonly known as Dalhousie Law, is renowned for its dynamic academic environment that champions an enriched understanding of law. Situated in the city of Halifax, Dalhousie Law offers an exceptional legal education shaped by an ethos of social justice, diversity, and an unwavering commitment to community service. The school’s comprehensive curriculum integrates theoretical and practical aspects of law, ensuring graduates are not only academically well-grounded but also equipped with practical legal skills. Dalhousie Law’s standout Health Law Institute, Marine & Environmental Law Institute, and Law & Technology Institute are significant highlights, allowing students to engage with emerging, innovative legal sectors.

Another standout feature is the Weldon Tradition, a distinctive culture fostering intellectual rigour, public service, and a collegial community, which prepares students for success not just in the legal profession, but also in leadership roles across society. Dalhousie Law, as Canada’s oldest law school, builds upon its rich history while nurturing a forward-thinking approach to legal education.

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Admissions Statistics

The overall acceptance rate is 16%.

Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)

Dalhousie School of Law Interview Details

Short-listed candidates may be asked to interview in-person or via video. You should expect questions to cover why Dalhousie, your motivation for Law, interests and hobbies outside of studying, your personal attributes and values as suitable for Law, and career aspirations.

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Previous Questions for Columbia Law Interviews

What features of Dalhousie Law’s curriculum align with your educational goals?

  • How do you see Dalhousie’s focus on social justice aligning with your personal and professional values?
  • What aspects of Dalhousie’s community service commitment resonate with you?
  • In what ways do you see yourself contributing to the Weldon Tradition at Dalhousie?
  • How does Dalhousie Law’s approach to legal education complement your learning style?
  • In what ways do you believe Dalhousie’s interdisciplinary approach to law will benefit your career?

Motivation for Law

  • Can you share a particular event or experience that inspired your interest in law?
  • What areas of law are you most interested in and why?
  • How do you envision using your law degree in your career?
  • What do you perceive to be the biggest challenges facing the legal profession today and how do you plan to address these?
  • Can you describe a book, article, or film about law that has significantly influenced your decision to pursue this field?
  • How has your previous academic or professional experience motivated you to study law?
  • How do you believe a law degree will enable you to make a positive impact on society?
  • In your opinion, what personal qualities are essential for a successful law career and why?
  • If you could change one thing about the current legal system, what would it be and why?
  • Can you share how a recent high-profile legal case has impacted your view of the law?

Interests and Hobbies Outside of Studying

  • How do you balance your academic commitments with your personal life?
  • What hobbies or activities do you enjoy in your free time and how do these enrich your life?
  • Can you share an instance where your hobby or interest has helped you in an unexpected way?
  • How has your participation in extracurricular activities developed your skills for a law career?
  • In what ways do your interests outside of law inform your perspective within the legal realm?

Personal Attributes and Values Suitable for Law

  • How do your personal values align with the ethical requirements of practising law?
  • Can you share a time when you had to stand up for what you believe is right, even if it was unpopular?
  • How would you apply your personal attributes to navigate a difficult ethical dilemma in a legal case?
  • How do your personal values inform your motivation to pursue law?
  • Can you share an instance when you demonstrated resilience in the face of a challenge?

Career Aspirations

  • What type of law practice do you aspire to work in and why?
  • How do you see your law career evolving over the next ten years?
  • Can you share your perspective on how lawyers can contribute to societal change?
  • How will a law degree from Dalhousie aid in achieving your career aspirations?
  • If you had the chance to influence one law or policy in your chosen field, what would it be and why?
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