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Curtin Medicine Interview Format

Curtin University has adopted the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) which consists of eight stations. Candidates are given two minutes to read and make notes on the scenario before completing the task at each station. As it stands, interviews are primarily in-person, but can be online if required. 

The interviewers are professors as well as Perth based physicians and surgeons. There are also members of the university community that have no affiliation with the medical school (such as on-campus housing administration officers).

The interview assesses how well applicants can demonstrate how they communicate, critically appraise information and think about issues important to the medical profession. It measures abilities such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Critical thinking
  • Ethical decision-making

Key Dates

Eligible Western Australian school leavers who have submitted a predicted ATAR form by the relevant deadline, Curtin course switchers and Western Australian non-school leavers will be invited to attend an interview in the November interview rounds.

Qualified and competitive interstate school leavers, interstate nonschool leavers and those applicants whose actual ATAR renders them competitive will be invited to attend an interview in the January interview round.

Curtin Medicine Key Application & Interview Statistics

Interviewee Success Rate

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Curtin University Medicine Past MMI Stations & Interview Questions

Calculation Tasks
These are often more about problem-solving skills than a pure mathematical task. Practice talking through your working in a concise, step by step way.  Always be careful of the units you use in drug calculations, and practice your conversions between different metrics – e.g. micrograms to grams. A range of recent calculation tasks with worked answers can be found in the Online MMI Question Bank.

Role play Stations
Practice a range of recent MMI Role Play Stations in our Online MMI Question Bank with model answers and step-by-step techniques.

Ethical Scenarios
These may be incorporated into other stations such as the role-play or communication stations. Ensure that you integrate the four pillars of medical ethics as well as reviewing our Ethical Scenarios: Mini Tutorial. Example stations have included:

  • Can private filming of patients be justified if the hospital felt that a patient was being abused?
  • Should we allow a legal market for organs?
  • A range of additional MMI Ethical dilemmas with model answers can be found in the Online MMI Question Bank.

Comparing Healthcare

  • The course at Curtin has a strong emphasis on primary care, which aims to position graduates well for rural and remote practice, as well as outer suburban locations, where there is an acute shortage of doctors. Therefore, candidates should expect questions focused on aspects of rural vs. urban care.

Medicine Interview Mark Schemes

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MMI Question Bank

MMI Question Bank

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Past University Interview Questions

Past Interview Questions

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MMI Interview Courses

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