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Colfe's School Overview & Information

Colfe’s School, an independent co-educational day and boarding school in Greater London, is a distinguished establishment with a vibrant educational community. Accommodating approximately 1150 students, the school prides itself on offering a stimulating and supportive environment where pupils from diverse backgrounds can thrive. Known for its comprehensive curriculum, Colfe’s School emphasises both academic rigour and a broad range of extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded development for its students. The school’s ethos is centred around nurturing individual talents, encouraging intellectual curiosity, and fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Colfe's School 11+ Test Format

For the 11+ English examination at Colfe’s School, students are assessed through a paper-based test focusing on comprehension, including aspects of grammar and inference. The paper also evaluates technical English skills. Preparation for this segment involves extensive reading to enhance comprehension abilities and exercises to improve grammar and spelling. Students should also practise writing to develop their ability to express ideas clearly and coherently.

The Mathematics test at Colfe’s School is conducted online, focusing on problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills. The exam covers a variety of mathematical topics such as algebra, geometry, and number theory. Students should engage in regular practice with a variety of mathematical problems to build a strong foundation in these areas. Online practice tests can be particularly beneficial in familiarising students with the format of the exam and helping them develop effective strategies for time management and problem-solving.

For both the English and Mathematics exams, practice tests are an invaluable resource. These tests help students become accustomed to the types of questions they will encounter and allow them to identify and strengthen any areas of weakness. Starting revision early and engaging with a range of practice materials can significantly enhance a student’s preparedness for the Colfe’s School 11+ entrance examinations.

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Colfe's School 11+ Past Papers and Answers

English Sample Paper 1

Maths Sample Paper 1

Colfe's School Ranking

Colfe’s School is recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic education, reflected in its reputation and standing among independent schools in the UK. The school ranks 22nd amongst London independent schools, with 57.8% A or A* at A Level.

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Colfe's School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

Enhancing English Skills involves a comprehensive approach towards building strong reading, writing, and technical language abilities. To excel in comprehension, students should diversify their reading materials, exploring various genres and styles. This broad exposure aids in understanding different narrative structures and themes, thereby enriching inference skills. Simultaneously, engaging in discussions about what they read can sharpen their analytical skills and enhance understanding.

In terms of writing, practising different formats, from narrative to expository styles, is vital. Encouraging creativity in writing, alongside strict adherence to grammar and syntax rules, helps in building both creative expression and technical accuracy. Regular exercises focusing on punctuation, sentence construction, and spelling are equally important, as these elements contribute significantly to the technical proficiency assessed in the exam.

For Mathematics, a deep understanding of fundamental concepts is essential. This can be achieved through systematic practice which includes solving various types of mathematical problems, from simple arithmetic to more complex algebraic expressions. Engaging with problem-solving activities that mimic real-world scenarios can enhance analytical thinking and application skills. Moreover, incorporating timed practice sessions helps students get accustomed to the pressure of solving problems within a limited timeframe, an essential skill for exam success.

In terms of exam strategies, consistent practice is key. Regular timed mock tests can provide a realistic sense of the exam environment, helping students manage their time effectively. It is also beneficial for students to review and analyse their performance in these practice tests to identify areas for improvement. Learning to prioritise questions, manage exam stress, and approach each section of the exam with a clear strategy are crucial skills that can be developed through these practice sessions.

Colfe's School 11+ Success Rate

Colfe’s School’s 11+ examination is known for its competitive nature. Although specific success rate statistics are not publicly available, the comprehensive and challenging nature of the entrance exams ensures that the students admitted possess the necessary academic capabilities and skills to excel in the school’s dynamic and enriching environment.

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