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Christ's Hospital Overview & Information

Christ’s Hospital School has been a significant presence in the UK’s educational landscape for centuries. Known for its unique uniform and strong traditions, the school offers a diverse and enriching learning environment. Christ’s Hospital is committed to providing an all-round education that focuses on developing each student’s full potential, both academically and personally. The school stands out for its commitment to social diversity and inclusivity, offering a significant number of bursaries to ensure that talented students from various backgrounds have access to quality education. This commitment to excellence and social responsibility forms the cornerstone of the school’s ethos.

Christ's Hospital 11+ Test Format

The English paper at Christ’s Hospital School for the 11+ examination emphasises both writing and comprehension skills. This includes assessments of spelling, grammar, and inference abilities. Candidates are expected to demonstrate strong reading skills and the ability to analyse and interpret text, alongside proficiency in written expression and language mechanics.

The Mathematics test evaluates problem-solving and arithmetic skills across various topics, including number theory, measurement, geometry, algebra, and statistics. The exam is designed to test a student’s numerical and analytical abilities, with questions ranging from basic arithmetic to more complex mathematical problems.

A unique feature of Christ’s Hospital’s 11+ examination is the inclusion of the CAT4, assessing a wide range of cognitive abilities. This includes modules in Non-Verbal, Verbal, Quantitative, and Spatial Reasoning. The CAT4 is instrumental in evaluating the overall cognitive potential and problem-solving skills of the students, beyond traditional academic subjects. To prepare effectively for these exams, candidates should engage in comprehensive practice that encompasses both curriculum-based subjects and cognitive ability tests. This preparation involves familiarising themselves with the exam formats, practising past papers, and refining their test-taking strategies. This holistic approach to preparation is crucial for success in the Christ’s Hospital School 11+ exams, aiming to admit students who are well-rounded and capable in various aspects of learning.

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Christ's Hospital 11+ Past Papers and Answers

English Sample Paper 1

Christ's Hospital School Ranking

Christ’s Hospital School enjoys a strong reputation for its academic excellence and unique educational approach. Although specific rankings vary by different measures, the school is consistently recognised for its high academic standards, innovative teaching methods, and commitment to student development.

Perhaps the simplest way of ranking the school is to see that it’s 93rd in the UK amongst boarding schools.

The school’s focus on not only academic success but also on personal growth and social responsibility sets it apart in the educational landscape.

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Christ's Hospital School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

The English paper at Christ’s Hospital School tests comprehension, writing, spelling, and grammar. To excel in this paper, students should engage in extensive reading to enhance comprehension skills. Practising writing, including creative and analytical pieces, helps in developing strong written communication skills. Regular spelling and grammar exercises are also essential to secure proficiency in these fundamental areas.

The Mathematics paper covers a broad spectrum, including arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and statistical problems. Mastery in basic mathematical concepts is crucial, and students should practise various types of problems to gain confidence in these areas. Regular practice with past papers can greatly aid in understanding the format and complexity of the questions, while also improving time management skills during the exam.

The CAT4 test assesses cognitive abilities across various domains. Students should familiarise themselves with the types of questions in the CAT4, primarily focused on Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, to understand how to approach them strategically. Online practice tests and courses specifically designed for CAT4 can provide valuable practice in these areas.

Christ's Hospital School 11+ Success Rate

While specific statistics on the success rate for the Christ’s Hospital School 11+ exams are not publicly available, the rigorous and comprehensive nature of the exam suggests that those who are successful are well-prepared and well-rounded. The school’s extensive selection process ensures that admitted students possess the necessary academic skills, cognitive abilities, and personal qualities to thrive in its unique educational environment.

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