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Chigwell School Overview & Information

Chigwell School, nestled in the heart of Essex, is a well-respected independent co-educational day and boarding school. Known for its strong academic programs and a nurturing environment, the school caters to students from a range of backgrounds. Emphasising a warm and friendly approach, Chigwell School takes pride in its ability to know its future pupils and their families well, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all.

The school stands out for its selectivity and diversity, welcoming pupils from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. It aims to provide an education that not only excels in academic rigour but also fosters personal development and ethical understanding. At Chigwell, students are encouraged to explore their full potential, both in and out of the classroom, preparing them for the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Chigwell School 11+ Test Format

The 11+ entrance examination at Chigwell School, designed for Year 7 entry, comprises a bespoke online test followed by a creative writing paper. This multi-faceted approach aims to assess a range of academic skills and the creative abilities of the candidates.

  • Online Test: The online test is divided into two distinct parts:
    • Part One: Lasting 60 minutes, this section evaluates fundamental academic skills. It consists of four tests covering different subject areas:
      • English: A 20-minute test focusing on reading comprehension, grammar, and punctuation skills, presented in a multiple-choice format.
      • Verbal Reasoning: This 10-minute test assesses vocabulary and understanding of meaning in context.
      • Mathematics: Another 20-minute component, it includes questions on arithmetic and problem-solving skills, often incorporating elements like diagrams and charts.
      • Non-verbal Reasoning: A 10-minute test, evaluating the ability to reason using shapes, space, diagrams, and images.
    • Part Two: Spanning 35 minutes, it comprises two sections:
      • Puzzles and Problem Solving: For 15 minutes, students engage with interactive puzzles accompanied by questions that require typed answers.
      • Creative Comprehension: A 20-minute section featuring multiple-choice questions based on diverse sources like text, maps, diagrams, timetables, and charts.

Creative Writing Paper: Following the completion of both parts of the online assessment, candidates are required to complete a 30-minute creative writing task. This paper assesses skills such as punctuation, grammar, and spelling, along with the candidates’ imagination and creativity.

The format of the Chigwell School 11+ exam is specifically tailored to evaluate a broad range of knowledge and skills. It is recommended that applicants familiarise themselves with the online test format and practise creative writing to enhance their performance. The use of practice tests and exercises focusing on the key areas of the exam can be highly beneficial for thorough preparation.

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Chigwell School 11+ Past Papers and Answers

Maths Sample Paper 1

Chigwell School Ranking

Chigwell School ranked 57th in UK co-educational schools and was the 3rd best school in East Anglia, according to the Sunday Times league tables.

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Chigwell School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

The 11+ exam at Chigwell School is comprehensive, assessing a wide range of skills through its unique online test and creative writing paper.

English: The English component includes reading comprehension, grammar, and punctuation. Students should practise reading a variety of texts to improve comprehension skills. Exercises focusing on grammar and punctuation are also crucial. Encourage regular reading and discussions about the text to enhance understanding and interpretation skills.

Mathematics: The Maths paper assesses arithmetic and problem-solving abilities. Ensure a strong grasp of basic mathematical concepts and practice solving various problems, including those involving logic and interpretation of data. Encourage your child to tackle different types of mathematical challenges to build confidence and proficiency.

Verbal Reasoning: This section tests vocabulary and understanding of language. Engage in activities that enhance vocabulary, such as reading, word games, and vocabulary exercises. Practice tests focusing on synonyms, antonyms, and sentence completions can be beneficial.

Non-Verbal Reasoning: It involves reasoning with shapes, space, diagrams, and images. Practice with pattern recognition and spatial awareness exercises is important for success in this section.

Creative Writing: The creative writing task assesses punctuation, grammar, spelling, and creative skills. Encourage writing practice that focuses on storytelling, descriptive writing, and coherent expression of ideas. Feedback on writing can help improve structure and content.

General Exam Tips: Familiarise your child with the online test format and the types of questions asked. Regular practice under timed conditions can help manage time effectively during the exam. Reviewing and understanding mistakes in practice tests is key to improvement.

Chigwell School 11+ Success Rate

Exact data for the number of applicants that are successful at 11+ is not publicly available.

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